EP. 63 // Unapologetic Growth w/ Gretchen Klobucar

Today we have Gretchen Klobucar on the show. Gretchen is a New Orleans native + recovering perfectionist living in the Memphis area with her husband Adam and her two beautiful children, Nora (6) and Hunter (2.5). She works full time as the Director of Institutional Advancement at Bodine School, an elementary independent school for students with dyslexia  in grades 1-6. She oversees marketing and communication and is solely responsible for raising a quarter of a million dollars each year.

In addition to her passion for nonprofit work, she loves papercrafting—especially all things planning. She encourages inclusion + innovation as a Happy Planner®️ SQUAD member. She also serves as a brand ambassador for Chalkfulloflove (Handlettering books, drinkware, and other home goods). You can often find her unapologetically quoting Brené Brown, the Bible, and the latest hip hop hits all in one day. 

EP. 45 GRETCHEN KLOBUCAR // Crafty Ass Female


Gretchen Klobucar is bomb right out the gate with talk of her one little word and The Enneagram Test. She quickly goes into the ways that she has grown and become more mature over these past few months. The girls also discuss their evolved definitions of ‘happy’ .

Gretchen reveals the meaning behind her handle @planfortomorrEAUX, her perspective on her online identity + being a brand ambassador, authenticity on social media, how grief has transformed her, her opinion on how the planner community should be made up of ALL TYPES of planner babes (and dudes), and her idea of ‘POWER POCKETS’ being what makes her work smarter, not harder.


Gretchen on exposing shame and her newfound awareness of what matters :

“Shame can not win when you expose it. When you talk about it, it’s gone. It disappears. It just absolutely evaporates when you call it out.

So if I’m being honest…yeah, I really got caught in the consumerism of the planner lifestyle, or yeah, I’ve really gotten caught in thinking that I’m only as valuable as the content I’m creating for my Instagram…

…It was such a critical realization for me that I hope anyone out there listening and wondering the same thing: it will bring you so much more joy and give you so much of your energy back if you recognize that you are so much more than what you do, and the checkboxes you have at the end of the day. ”

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 6.30.16 AM.png


Where to find Gretchen //



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EP. 62 // Relationship 'Next Steps' Episode

This episode is the continuation of last week’s Break-Up Episode and addresses the topic of ‘NEXT STEPS’ in relationships. Both Amanda + Kristin are at very different points in their life with their personal relationship ‘next steps’ and it’s interesting to self-examine where you are & where solo-you or you-with-a-partner want to be.

62 RL NEXT STEPS EP blog post.jpg


Amanda + Kristin talk about where each other are in their personal partner relationships. Kristin has been with Jeff for 10 years now, and Amanda just got out of a relationship + is newly single. A & K chat about the next steps they’ve been thinking of and all that’s swirled into this topic.

The girls discuss lessons learns, questions they have, and who has been influencing them on the internet.


“You are enough just because you ARE and find the seed of enough-ness in the other person. Give them the gift: YOU’RE ENOUGH TOO, and that’s where LOVE is. That is the seed of love: two people who know who they are in their GRAND SIMPLICITY, seeing each other beyond the labels, beyond the ego, just being enough with each other.”Elizabeth Lesser

Join the discussion // 

We’d love it if you listeners would continue the dialogue on this topic over on the Crafty Ass Female DISCORD channel. Break-ups, relationships, friendships - all of ‘em - are so stinkin’ hard and knowing + contemplating next steps is just another thing we women need to be resourceful about. Whether you need emotion al support or just a sounding board, we got you, girlfriend! Talk to you in the discord!



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EP. 61 // The Break-Up Episode

It is the month of LOVE and we here at Crafty Ass Female thought we’d be a bit rebellious and chat on the topic of break-ups because —as you ladies probably already know — breaking up is hard to do! Amanda just went through (is still going through?) a major one, and Kristin’s had her fair share of them as well. We only scratched the surface with this episode, but scratched it has been, and we invite you to listen & share YOUR break-up stories.

EP 61 - The Break-Up episode // Crafty Ass Female


Amanda + Kristin talk about past break-ups and reflect on the term ambiguous loss when it comes to relationships. The girls also talk about healthy decision-making and how the people closest to you will have plenty to say (surprise, surprise).

Amanda relates how all she’s learned about her OCD makes her think it might have effected past relationships, and Kristin talks about how she feels she’s been in a break-up of sorts with her hometown in New Jersey.

Join the discussion // 

We’d love it if you listeners would continue the dialogue on this topic over on the Crafty Ass Female DISCORD channel. Break-ups are so stinkin’ hard and you don’t have to go at it alone. Whether you need emotion al support or just a sounding board, we got you, girlfriend!

EP. 60 // Working Smarter, Not Harder

…aaannnddd WE’RE BACK from our holiday hiatus with the second half of Season 3 and our 60th (!!!) episode. We titled this episode “WorkING Smarter, Not Harder” because the theme is no longer a concept we’re merely just discussing or brainstorming about; WE’RE LIVING IT the best we can, like, presently…right now.

EP 60 - Back w/ Season 3 Working Smarter, Not Harder // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


Amanda + Kristin talk about how they’ve been actualizing this season’s theme WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER, while sprinkling fun chit-chat back and forth about TV and TV Guide Christmas trees and other things on their mind. (Let’s keep it casual.)

A + K also talk about working smarter in terms of reorganizing your space, and shifting the way you react to the alarm signals your brain can send you.


In this episode, we also reveal our new book for the Crafty Ass Bookclub, which you can become a member of by signing up on OUR PATREON PAGE at the $5/month level! Look out for an upcoming giveaway of the book! Wooo!


Lastly…we’d love it if you took the time to leave a comment below or connect with us on Instagram letting us know how you’ve been liking or applying our season 3 theme WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER. Love you! Talk soon! xo

EP. 59 (FROM THE VAULT) // Comparison-itis

Hey, crafty ass females! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Today’s show is our fourth re-release from our episode archives that we are affectionately calling ‘FROM THE VAULT’. As we prepare for the second half of season 3 - we will be pulling some of our most relevant & favorite episodes from season 1 to share with you again. TODAY: a re-release of EP. 14 where Amanda + Kristin talk about the 'rut of the mind' called COMPARISON-ITIS. Enjoy, if you haven’t heard it yet.

above image credit:   Mari Andrew  |  @bymariandrew

above image credit: Mari Andrew | @bymariandrew

Do you got the 'ITIS'? ...you know...that monster inside your head that makes it reeeeaaallly hard NOT to compare yourself to other crafters, artists, and humans who you feel are just doing better than you are. There's a definite difference between feeling INSPIRED by who someone is + what they do, and catching the ITIS about it.


In this episode you'll hear Amanda + Kristin talk about the 'rut of the mind' called COMPARISON-ITIS.

They touch on a variety of topics including:
• looking 'behind the curtain' of Design Teams
• tapping into yourself for joy
• knowing + setting up boundaries
• unfollowing those that don't serve your emotions
• the pressure of 'timelines'
• having a growth mindset vs. stuck mindset
• meditation - different types + how they help


"When you feel like you are comparing your lows to someone else's highs, it's just not working for you...just don't..." -- KRISTIN


Is comparison-itis getting you down?! If so, SHARE your thoughts & how you're dealing with it.

The podcast is happily growing + we've recently created the following new places to connect with us: INSTAGRAM, TWITTERFACEBOOK, AND PATREON!!!!

We've set up a PATREON page where you, the Crafty Ass Female community, can help support the rapid growth of our show with amazing rewards, great bonus content, and exclusive behind-the-scenes stuff you won't see anywhere else! You can listen (AND WATCH!) our the first exclusive Patreon episode: Where We're Going + How We're Taking You With Us. 

EP. 58 (FROM THE VAULT) // Why We Scrapbook

Hey, crafty ass females! We are two weeks into the new year + here we go! Today’s show is another re-release from our episode archives that we are affectionately calling ‘FROM THE VAULT’. As we prepare for the second half of season 3 - we will be pulling some of our most relevant & favorite episodes from seasons 1 + 2 to share with you again. TODAY: a re-release of EP. 10 where Amanda + Kristin explore the question ‘WHY DO WE SCRAPBOOK?’. Enjoy, if you haven’t heard it yet.

10 why we scrapbook blog post 02.jpg

Paper + memories. Memories + paper. A + K  have a deep love & affinity for both, and chances are you crafty ass females visiting this space today do too. Let's discuss!  // (NOTE: the above below were completed in the Awesome Ladies Project Story Journal.)


Amanda + Kristin explore why we as crafty ass females scrapbook / document / memory keep our life. They talk about how their memory keeping has evolved, and discuss documenting hard things.

A + K also explain that although they are ALL ABOUT paper + memories, you won't find them spending every waking moment posing + taking pictures for 'the scrapbook.' Life events are meant to be lived. The 'art' part comes later.


"Taking a picture is a two-dimensional thing...a picture is a two-dimensional object...and sometimes you just really need to live in a three-dimensional world." -- Kristin


We would love to hear why you memory keep!  What are your reasons? How long have you scrapbooked? What started you scrapbooking? What has made you stay? If you left, what brought you back to it! Leave them in the comments below or share on our Discord channel!

EP. 57 (FROM THE VAULT) // What's my 'thing'?

Hey, crafty ass females! This post is another re-release from our episode archives that we are affectionately calling ‘FROM THE VAULT’. As we prepare for the second half of season 3 - we will be pulling some of our most relevant & favorite episodes from seasons 1 + 2 to share with you again. TODAY: a re-release of EP. 08 where Amanda + Kristin explore the question ‘WHAT’S YOUR THING?’. Enjoy, if you haven’t heard it yet.

08 whats my thing.jpg

If there's one question we crafty ass females often ask ourselves + are often in search of the answer to, it's: WHAT'S MY THING?  We hold - at a higher importance than most - this notion of doing in this world what we feel we were meant to do. ENTER: this episode...


Amanda + Kristin explore what it means to have a 'thing', how you can go about finding a 'thing', what we think tapping into your 'thing' should feel like in your body, & other bits + pieces surrounding this question.

NOTE FROM AMANDA: Guys, THIS is my favorite episode we've recorded so far! This question rules my life + there are so many good nuggets that got me & will get you thinking.  There has never been a time in history where there's more opportunity to grow from your 'thing' than now,  but at the same time, EVERYBODY'S trying to do that so it makes it more challenging to get it going. Uh! Amen to that, right?! This episode addresses all this and more + I hope it's one of your faves too! xoxo


"Questioning questions is one of my favorite things to question." -- Kristin

"The truth is that the EXACT conditions of your life are setting you up for the EXACT evolution of what your 'thing' is supposed to be." -- Amanda


Of all the episodes we've done, THIS is the one A + K want to hear feedback on! Where are you at in your journey to find your 'thing'? As females, our children play a major role in our 'things' whether they become part of our 'thing' or they become a giant interruption of us pursuing our 'thing'. What're your thoughts/experiences with this?


EP. 56 (FROM THE VAULT) // 'best nine' on IG

Hey, crafty ass females! Happy New Year’s Eve! This post is our first re-release from our episode archives that we are affectionately calling ‘FROM THE VAULT’. Today and for the next few Mondays - as Amanda + Kristin are prepping for the second half of season 3 - we will be pulling some of our most relevant & favorite episodes from seasons 1 + 2 to share with you again. First up: a re-release of EP. 05 on the social media phenomenon known as BEST NINE. Enjoy, if you’ve never heard it before.

56 BEST NINE blog post.jpg

This will be the week you'll probably see all your Insta-buddies' #2018bestnine posts, if you haven't been seeing them already. We are only a day away from the new year (!!!), and everyone wants to know: what were my most-liked nine posts on Instagram this year?


In this episode Amanda + Kristin discuss the Instagram phenomenon referred to as 'best nine' + offer an alternative way to think about it. Also on their minds going into the new year is the toxicity of posturing - on the internet, in crafting, and in life.

NOTE FROM AMANDA: We express some strong opinions in this episode, but we hope you know it's just to make you think...to bring awareness to the weirdness that is wrapped up in using social media. Nothing more. The core message we hope comes through is this: YOUR VALUE IS INHERENT + not determined by the number of 'likes' or what a website calculates is important content. xoxo


We talked about a buttload of social media stuff in this episode, but toward the end we called you to action by posing the #2018bestnine VS. #mytrue2018bestnine challenge! 

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Search what your #2018bestnine are, and assess the images that appear. What did followers and viewers find most appealing from your feed? Then reflect on what moments posted to your feed you would consider your TRUE best nine of 2018. Make a collage of THAT & tag it #mytrue2018bestnine + #craftyassfemale! 

EP. 55 // The Holiday Mid-Season Finale

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year, you crafty ass females! Welcome to the mid-season finale of our beloved Season 3 of the show! It’s sort of holiday-themed, being released on Christmas Eve, but it’s also filled with plenty of recent happenings from A + K’s December that hopefully provide some gems you could reflect on and take with you into the new year. The girls talk crafts, life, mental health, growth…you know the deal. ;)

EP 55 - The Season 3 Holiday Mid-Season Finale // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


Amanda + Kristin start the episode chatting about where they are with their December Dailies and what’s been working. They then go into talking about how they got “so much better at life this year” and explore if the podcast could have had something to do with that. (Ummm…DUH.)

A + K also talk about growing up, how self-respect means being able to take care of yourself, the pursuit of happiness vs. happiness, and the importance of asking for HELP.


Ladies! We’d love it if you took the time to leave a comment below or connect with us on Instagram letting us know how you’ve been liking or applying our season 3 theme WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER. Is there anything you want to see/hear from us next year during the second half of Season 3? Don’t hesitate to let us know!

Thanks, as always, for listening & all the good vibes + support you give the show! We love you, and hope you have a wonderful holiday & transition into the new year!


For the next few Mondays, Crafty Ass Female will be on break. A + K will re-release some of our best and applicable shows from “from the vault” of Season 1 and 2, starting next week with one of our earliest favorites: the BEST NINE episode. // We’ll be back with the second half of season 3 at the end of January.

In the meantime, you could always connect with us on our DISCORD channel, or through PATREON, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, or TWITTER.

EP. 54 // the 1 year anniversary episode

You guys!!! The podcast launched one year ago on December 15th, 2017 (with episodes 1, 2, & 3) and what a learning experience creating this show for you has been! This is our 1 year Anniversary Episode, and whether you’ve listened to us from the beginning or just stumbled upon us today, we’re happy you’re here and we hope you’ve found value in A + K’s crafty conversations! Happy Birthday, podcast! We love you!

EP 54 - The 1-year Anniversary Episode // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


In this episode you'll hear Amanda + Kristin reflect about favorite moments, lessons learned, + what it’s been like to host this podcast for the past year.

A + K talk about how they measure success when it comes to the podcast, a little behind the scenes of how the show’s produced (thanks, Jeff!), and the difference between being driven and being drawn.

Many Thanks //

…and here’s the part of the post where we ugly cry face our gratitude for YOU, listener + reader + crafty ass female.

This show is for YOU and it wouldn’t exist without you ladies “getting it”. Thank you for getting it. Thank you for coming along on this journey with us. That you for being your fierce, authentic selves & for all your good vibes & support.

Here’s to another year or two or ten! xo

Listen to this convo continued over on Patreon!


Ladies! We’d love it if you took the time to leave a comment below or connect with us on Instagram letting us know how long have you been a listener of the show, and what episode or few episodes have been your favorite(s). Again, thanks so much for being part of this & we look forward to continuing to produce the show! Cheers to 1 year!

EP. 53 // diving deeper into one little word®

It’s that time of year again, crafty ass females! Time to choose a guiding word for the upcoming new year based on some aspect of your existence you want to explore. It’s been a whole year since our first one little word® episode went live (our fourth episode of the whole podcast!) and in today’s show, we’re diving deeper! // Listen to Ali’s one little word® interview with us here.

one little word // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


According to Ali Edwards, the creator of the annual one little word® project, a single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting, or rich and soft and slow.

In this episode you'll hear Amanda + Kristin talk about their experiences leading up to choosing their words for 2019. After ‘trying on’ many different words, Kristin recently woke up to her new one little word®. Amanda, on the other hand, has known her word for a while, and in explaining how + why - for the first time in the podcast’s history - sheds some tears. This episode reveals just how important this project is to us. xo


2012 - MOVEMENT start + end reflection
2013 - MAKE start + end of year w/ it
2014 - WORK start + end reflection
2015 - PROOF start + end reflection
2016 - BIG start + end reflection
2017 - REFRESH start, documentation, status update
2018 - LIMITLESS blog post
2019 - FOUND (listen for more)


2013 - WRITE start
2014 - HEROINE start
2015 - HOME 
2016 - ME 
2017 - GREAT
2018 - CULTIVATE blog post
2019 - PROJECT (listen for more)


How ‘bout you babes? Are you choosing a guiding word to explore in 2019?! If so, SHARE IT in our Discord, in the comments below or on IG + hashtag it #craftyassfemale! As always, thanks for listening, reading, and all your positive vibes + support. We love you.

EP. 52 // Craft Hangout w/ ELIZA KAPITAN

Today on the podcast we are thrilled to share the motivational musings of Eliza Kapitan. She is the creator and host of the podcast, Craft Hangout, which launched in March 2018. She is a seasoned professional accessories designer + artist in NYC. In 2014, she began creating deliciously whimsical and fun jewelry by hand after long days designing on a computer at a corporate office. After her day job, she would work on the fun stuff, handcrafting the cutest pieces with fun colors, sparkle, and a sense of humor. She did it for the love of the craft, and when too many people she didn’t know asked where they could buy Love Eliza jewelry (especially when some of her drinking necklaces were featured on Real Housewives of New York), Love Eliza, LLC was born!

Besides podcasting and jewelry design, she loves painting, drawing, marker rendering, customizing sneakers, textile/apparel art, sculpting in air dry clay, making insane toys, and is down for trying any new supply she finds at A.C. Moore. Eliza is proof that you can have a creative day job and balance a craft side hustle, all while being happy working both.

52 ELIZA KAPITAN blog post.jpg


Eliza Kapitan talks to A + K about how her podcast Craft Hangout came to be + how it’s evolved. She also discusses attending + speaking at Podcast Movement, the world’s largest gathering of podcasters.

The ladies then chat about keeping the imperfect parts of conversations while recording into the final cut of the episode, and how Eliza makes guests feel at ease right from the beginning.


Eliza on ‘working smarter, not harder’ :

“I’m always working hard, like, I can’t STOP, but there are things that I do to make things easier, and make things the most efficient they could be. So something that I do when I have a project…is to find out…what’s the timeline, what are the parameters, and then from that point, I try to figure out the best way possible… I feel like taking the time in the beginning to plan for it, actually makes it ease the best…”

Eliza on finding inspiration from things right in front of her :

“There’s also something very relatable to the mundane…the necklace that launched my business was inspired by reality TV…the necklace I made for my friend was inspired by Vanderpump Rules…you never know!…like, finding inspiration in places, like…’oh, you should be looking in a museum’…you don’t have to! …being smart about looking at what’s around you and being inspired by that too.”


Where to find Eliza //



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EP. 51 // The *GIFT GUIDE* Episode

‘Tis the season for…consumerism? [Deep sigh.] We hope not. Amanda + Kristin wanted to do their part to eliminate some of the stress + anxiety often involved in gift-giving and shopping for the “perfect” gift. SHOP SMARTER, NOT HARDER! With that in mind, this Crafty Ass Gift Guide was born, and in episode 51, A + K list a few of their favorite things, and discuss what could make gift-giving this season a little more pleasurable.

EP. 51 // The Gift Guide Episode | Crafty Ass Female


Amanda + Kristin each chose a few of their favorite things in a gift guide round-up. The girls also talk about how the story behind WHY you chose a specific gift for a particular person can make all the difference, how the mindless mall-searching is the worst (!!!), and the type of gifts that come with a permission to regift if necessary! No stress!

OMG, everybody…it’s the holidays. We’re in it; they’re here. Let’s get through it together! Love you!




Head to our Patreon page to hear A + K completely switch gears and talk about how they plan to participate in Ali Edwards’ December Daily project next month.

EP. 50 // The Thanksgiving Episode

We couldn't agree more that ‘tis the season for thankfulness & gratitude. 100% !!! …but there is also a lot that we crafty ass females need to be resourceful about around the holidays. Along with the turkey, the mash potatoes, and the stuffing comes…well…‘STUFF’ that also gets passed around, not all of it tasty + welcomed.

On this Monday before Thanksgiving, A + K decided to release an episode that talks about ‘navigating’ the holidays: a time of the year when anxieties might rise, family dysfunction might become front & center, and the pressure of what your holiday or personal life ‘should’ look like might cause some distress.

Welcome to episode 50: The Thanksgiving Episode, that really is a ‘getting-together-with-family-anytime-of-the-year’ episode. We hope it encourages you to set boundaries, reaffirm your values, and know - despite what any family member makes you feel like around a table full of food - that you’re doing great, girlfriend. We see you. xoxo

EP. 50 // The Thanksgiving Episode | Crafty Ass Female


Amanda + Kristin start this episode with a chat about what their plans are for this year’s upcoming Thanksgiving, and different things they’ve done for Thanksgivings past: REDOs & ‘scrimmages’.

The girls also talk BOUNDARIES + VALUES, which as so key during time with family - and suggest ways to cope: take a longer-than-usual bathroom break, a fake nap, or hang with the kiddos! You can also buffer the evening with board games!

The convo gradually shifts into the day-after Black Friday gift-giving season & ways to be resourceful in that as well. [Sigh.] Holidays!


Head to our Patreon page to hear what A + K are grateful for, because even though we usually focus on life’s challenges, we are also overwhelmingly thankful..especially for you!

EP. 49 // Intentional Memory Keeping w/ NICOLE REAVES

Today on the podcast we are thrilled to share with you our friend and fellow Awesome Lady, Nicole Reaves. She is a wife, a mama to one of each, and a life-long Michigander. She has been scrapbooking through a variety of formats over the last 13 years, though after several bouts of overwhelm + burnout, Nicole recently simplified her approach to memory-keeping to involve more intention + less stuff. As she rediscovers her authentic voice + style, Nicole has committed to mindful consumption in order to live, and document, her best life.

EP. 49 // NICOLE REAVES | Crafty Ass Female


Nicole Reaves talks to A + K about how she got into scrapbooking 13 years ago, why she started blogging + how it’s evolved. She also discusses her 20 Questions ‘birthday tradition’ books, the backstory behind them, & how they’ve become what they are now!

The ladies then chat about Nicole’s choice to leave Instagram, and how her mental health and the passing of her mother contributed to her decision to finally do it. She talks about the value of her newsletter as a creative outlet and upcoming December Daily®. YAY!


Nicole on why she decided to leave Instagram :

“It really was kind of a long time coming. The short answer of why I ended up deleting it was probably, mostly, just mental health issues. I wasn’t dealing with comparison or anything so much, but I was noticing that I would go on there feeling horrible, and I would leave feeling worse. ”

Nicole on a subtle mind shift that will make work feel a little less hard :

“Instead of getting frustrated about what my roles or responsibilities are, like, outside of work and things like that…thinking that I ‘get to’ do something, instead of I ‘have to’ do something…so, I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I ‘get to’ be at home and work on my own thing and contribute financially for my family, but in the past that’s come with some resentment…and I am more, like, looking to my husband and I are more of a team…he ‘gets to’ do X because I’m here, or I ‘get to’ do whatever because he is out at work, so we BOTH ‘get to’ do things because of what we’re doing as individuals, not getting caught in that resentment…”


Where to find Nicole //



Awesome Ladies Live
the panel at Awesome Ladies Live
Tiffany Han & The Inner Circle
Alisha Joy
Megan Anderson
Studio Calico
• Nicole’s 20 Questions (!!!)
“Your Story Matters” - rukristin
• Nicole’s Newsletter
• Ali Edwards’s December Daily®
• Nicole’s December Daily 2017
Brandi Kincaid
• Amanda’s “December Daily” 2017
Journal You Christmas w/ Shimelle Laine
Thanksgiving is November 22nd
Creative Mornings
• Nicole’s BPC: School Days
• Nicole’s BPC: Catching Up with School Days
OATLY! Oat Milk

Nicole’s LESS/MORE //

LESS: screens
MORE: sleep, conversations, & creative field trips


(inspired by Kristin's CURRENTLY CARD)

WATCHING: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
READING: The Dispatch | Folk Rebellion
LISTENING TO: Chris Cornell, Peaceful Piano on Spotify
MAKING: her kids’ School Albums
PLANNING: Thanksgiving getaway to Naples, Florida
LOVING: oat milk lattes


Head to our Patreon page to sign up for just $5 a month + gain access to exclusive bonus content from Amanda, Kristin, & Nicole as they continue the conversation. Thank you for the continued support! xo

EP. 48 // Scrapbooking Across the pond w/ JESS ROEBUCK

Today on the podcast we have our first overseas guest: Jess Roebuck. Jess is a single working mum to three-year-old Ben, living in England & working as a teaching assistant. She started scrapbooking using Project Life® in 2015 - when her son was born - despite believing herself to be purely academic + not at all creative.

Jess is on the Wild Hare Kit design team & mostly scrapbooks in a travelers notebook. She absolutely identifies as a ‘creative’ now, who loves taking photos, starting new projects, working on mini albums & telling her own stories.

We are happy she reached out to us looking to come on the show, since her interview is chock full of relatable goodness + is one of our new faves! BOOM!

EP. 48 // JESS ROEBUCK | Crafty Ass Female


Jess Roebuck, a listener of the podcast from the beginning, talks to A + K about how she just ‘went for it’ & reached out to us to be on the show, how she got into scrapbooking, and how she resourcefully figured out where to channel her professional energy.

The ladies touch on a fun variety of topics including UK vs. US maternity leave, what’s considered ‘dinner’ and ‘tea’ in England, tips for how to craft with glitter, the struggle to be a scrapbooker overseas, and memory keeping that you want to SCRAP vs. projects you want to SHARE.


Jess on memory keeping to tell HER story:

"…I started off just because I was having Ben and that’s when I started my first Project Life album…and then, I think it was towards the end of that year that I found ‘Listers Gotta List’…so I did a month of that in a little notebook that I got cheap from the local store that sells everything…and that was the first time that I was doing something that was like, ‘this is actually about me, and not about who I am as a mom’ and I did struggle quite a lot when I was on my own with Ben, when I became a single, stay-at-home mum, and I thought, ‘Wow, this is not where I expected myself to be when I was, you know, studying psychology or when I was training to be a teacher. I had always really valued the academic side of my identity, and to go from that…to being a stay-at-home mom on benefits…I felt like I had to justify myself to people…and so I think it was good for me to start to identify my own story and my own personality and my own experiences and document them…”


Where to find Jess //



Wild Hare Kits
Project Life®
Strawberry Project Life® Core Kit
December Daily®
“How Not to be a Perfectionist Teacher”
maternity leave in the UK
travelers notebooks
Jess’s TN
Jess’s TN with binder rings
“Dinner, Supper, or Tea”
“A Very Merry Unbirthday to You”
Felicity Jane
We R Fuse Tool
Listers Gotta List w/ The Reset Girl
The Problem with Overachieveing
Week in the Life on a Budget
100 Days of All About Me

Jess’s LESS/MORE //

LESS: stress + creating content that she’s not interested in consuming
MORE: movement: to get out with Ben + drive more places

LESS judging, MORE encouraging.


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EP. 47 // The Election Episode

On this Monday before Halloween, we decided to release this episode on the spookiest topic we could imagine: POLITICS…and voting…and the election. EEK!

Welcome to episode 47: The Election Episode, one which A + K think is super important in this day and age, as electing representatives to address our needs, issues, and values is yet another thing we women have to be resourceful about, and let’s be honest: is downright confusing!

This episode reveals how the relationship + conversation between informed women voters like Kristin, and uninformed women who want to be voters like Amanda, needs to develop + grow.

EP. 47 // The Election Episode | Crafty Ass Female


In this episode, Amanda + Kristin host a research-based, non-partisan episode on participating in elections, voting, and all that important good stuff that can feel really scary + intimidating to us crafty ass females who are usually juggling hundreds of other things.

Kristin gives us a really practical, undramatic way to think about it all, and how she puts it is such an amazing takeaway!

Questions that were answered were:

1) Where & how can I register to vote?

2) Who am I voting for on November 6th? If it’s not the presidential election, why is it important to vote?

3) How can I know if the sources & information is reliable? Where’s the best place to go to get informed?

4) Is it bad to “trust your gut” when it comes to voting?

5) What happens if you don’t like ANY candidate running? 


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EP. 46 // 'TIS THE SEASON of Ali Edwards

We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring back our very first guest interviewee, Ali Edwards, to the show today with this very special episode centered around the projects she hosts this time of year: December Daily® and One Little Word®. // Listen to Ali’s 1st interview with us here.

EP. 46 // ALI EDWARDS | Crafty Ass Female


Ali Edwards has returned & we couldn't be happier! This episode begins with Ali revealing the backstory + approach to her December Daily® project. Ali talks ‘foundations pages’ + album prep, and documenting travel during her December as a separate piece to incorporate in her album.

The ladies shift gears & chat about One Little Word®, how it’s a much ‘quieter’ project than December Daily®, and her new One Little Word® journal!


Ali on what December Daily® is really about :

"It’s kind of an attitude shift…

…one of the words that comes up a lot for me is kind of the MAGIC, right? …trying to identify, locate, and tell the story of ‘How does magic find its way into your season?’…even in very little things…

…again, the MAGIC for me- it really gets back to that. Even if I didn't have kids, it would still be, you know: How do you create magic for yourself? Where do you see magic happening in the world? Just the twinkle lights and the coziness…those are the things I want to bring into the stories that I’m telling. How can I PAY ATTENTION to those things? …which ALL of these projects are about: paying attention. That’s one of the core things for me, is like, encouraging people to pay. attention. to. their. life. …and make changes, if you want to…or not.”

Ali on ‘loosening up’ :

"One of the things that I’ve been thinking a lot about in general lately related to memory keeping is this idea of loosening up. …like ‘How can we get looser without feeling like we always have to have the exact same albums or the same sizes or the same…that everything needs to happen in the same way…?’ …and I like structure…but it gets back to people feeling the perfectionist thing, you know, that things need to be in this little row or I need to have exactly these products or I don’t have the same color white cardstock that I used yesterday, you know — all those kinds of things that become stopping points — rather than looking at everything as a tool and anything can go in there…the albums are just a container…it can hold all kinds of stuff in it…”

EP. 46 // Ali Edwards | Crafty Ass Female


Where to find Ali //



• Ali’s first episode on the podcast
December Daily®
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Ali on Journal Your Christmas
Ghostbusters Firehouse
The Plaza
Home Alone 2 & The Plaza
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9/11 Memorial
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Hudson East Food Court
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Travelors Notebook
• Ali’s 4x6 Dec Daily album from 2012
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
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Andrea Scher’s Superhero Manifesto
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• Ali’s olw 2018 : SPACE
• Ali’s ‘Overcoming Bariers & Making Things Less Complicated’ blog post
Merry Days by Crate Paper
Katie Jaeger
• Ali’s Story Camp

Ali’s LESS/MORE //

LESS: stuff
MORE: yoga


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WATCHING: CNN, Netflix’s Maniac, Sharp Objects
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MAKING: December Daily® product play
FEELING: good overall, calm, drama-free
PLANNING: Story Camp & Prep Party for December Daily®
LOVING: Trader Joe’s sea salt chocolate-covered almonds


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EP. 45 // Creative Master Class w/ Jennie McGarvey

Today we have Jennie McGarvey on the show. Jennie is a SAH turned work-from-home mom of 3 school-aged boys, who has been scrapbooking since 2001 and involved online since 2011.  Jennie added a paper planner to my line-up in 2014 and has never looked back!  She’s been published in print magazines & a member of many design teams since getting involved.  Currently, Jennie is am a member of The Happy Planner® Squad, Doodlebug Designs Design Team and Citrus Twist Kit Club design team. In addition, she loves teaching, educating + meeting other paper-crafting and planner enthusiasts.

45 JENNIE McGARVEY blog post.jpg


This episode feels likes the Jennie McGarvey Master Class! Jennie begins the interview talking about the low-lows + the high-highs of her ‘Unexpected 2018’, including the passing of her mother & the opportunity she took to teach in Chile.

Jennie then takes us back through her scrapbooking journey - from the first day she was hooked! The ladies also talk about doing what works for you when it comes to social media, and how to redirect your thoughts and move on from the things we dwell on.


Jennie on why she makes & shares:

"…it was just fun! It was just…FUN! …and quite frankly, if I’m going to work on creative time, I really want to enjoy it. That’s all. I’m not trying to impress you, I’m not trying to impress anyone else…and if they like it, that’s amazing! That makes me feel good. It makes me feel validated, it makes me feel heard, but at the end of the day, I make them because I like them.”

“I don’t create it because it speaks to people, I create it ‘cause it spoke to me…and am I thrilled that it spoke to someone else? Of course I am! We’re not alone in this. We all want validation…so that’s wonderful. It feels good. …BUT, you really should be creating it because it makes YOU happy, or you wanted to try it, or you were interested in it…not because you wanted to get a boatload of followers…I’ve notice the authentic and the genuine ones that make me feel good are the ones that people really relate to…”

Weird Banana | Jennie McGarvey


Where to find Jennie //



The Happy Planner®
Doodlebug Designs
Kaitlin Sheaffer
Geralyn Sy
Citrus Twist Kits
Jennie’s regular planner
Travelers Notebook
• Jennie’s TN HERE + HERE
Jennie’s Commonplace book in her mini Happy Planner®
Jennie’s BANANA spread
Conan O’Brien’s quote

Jennie’s LESS/MORE //

MORE: meaningful experiences + time for experiences, connections, & friends


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WATCHING: Netflix; Vampire Diaries
READING: Big Magic + Into the Wild
LISTENING TO: podcasts; Casefiles
MAKING: in her planner, her memory planner, TN, & commonplace book
FEELING: hopeful
PLANNING: her son’s senior year
LOVING: this season of life


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EP. 44 // The Magic Behind Graphic Design w/ Cecily Moore

Today we have Cecily Moore on the show. Cecily is somewhat of a jack-of-all trades when it comes to crafting, but primarily she is a graphic designer + illustrator. She lives + works in New York City blogging and selling artfully designed paper goods for modern creatives at The Paper Curator, her online store. Her aesthetic is artful, bright, & modern & she specializes in hand-lettering + scattering handmade textures and patterns throughout her work.

EP. 44 CECILY MOORE // Crafty Ass Female


Cecily Moore starts with her background as a Girl Scout, scrapbooking since she was 9, her crafty mom’s influence, having a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design, switching to become a graphic designer, and then starting The Paper Curator.

The girls also talk about losing your ‘craft mojo’ and getting it back, digital scrapbooking vs. manual, and realizing your niche. Cecily reveals her 5-year plan for The Paper Curator, and the process of making a collection!


Cecily on working smarter, not harder :

"I’m an utter perfectionist, and I find it hard to release things when they’re not ready, so I found that, you know, just keeping a log of everything that I think is great, and then repurposing it where I can has been really beneficial for me…that’s half of my business now is stationery - which started because I had all these extra patterns that I had already scanned & already had digitized …that didn't end up going into a kit, but I loved them…and how can I repurpose them for something more functional? A lot of times, I’ll just make a bunch of brushstrokes and scan them and turn them into prints later, and so that’s one technique I’ve found to be smarter, not harder, and has really helped me when I am in a creative slump and I have no energy to sit there and paint or do hand lettering, I just, you know, pull out my library of things and can turn them into magic pretty quickly.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 9.46.19 PM.png


Where to find Cecily //



Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
Shillington School of Graphic Design
Amanda’s past blog posts on Shillington
Cecily’s monthly scrapbook kits
Cecily’s stamps
reno alpha clear stamps
Bust Craftacular at Maker Faire
Hall of Science
Renegade Craft Fair
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The National Stationery Show
• Cecily’s Crisp Air kit
Cecily’s HEAVY DUTY paper-cutter
Top 6 Must-Haves for Running a Stationery Business

Cecily’s LESS/MORE //

LESS: humidity & heart
MORE: money & tacos & snuggles with my cats


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WATCHING: Iron Fist & I Am a Killer
READING: Make + Mend
LISTENING TO: Spotify, Creative Biz Rebellion, Proof to Product
MAKING: sashiko embroidery + new products
FEELING: excited for the Fall + to visit The Color Factory
PLANNING: next year’s goals + the next winter collection


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