Crafty Ass Female

Episode 198: Scrapbook Roundtable: Trust the December Daily (or not Daily!) Process

November 21st, 2022

Welcome to another fantastic December Daily roundtable, where I am joined by four absolutely excellent ladies to break down how their process for December Daily works (or sometimes doesn't work!).

Our roundtable participants discuss the different ways they approach their December Daily album each year, sharing what works well for them and what they anticipate their process looking like this year. We talk about what sizes work and why, as well as finding ways to innovate inside of a project we all know so well.

About Our Guests

Amber is from southeast Pennsylvania, where she lives with her partner Jarett, his three kiddos, and their two sweet kitties. She has been scrapbooking over over 20 years and loves to share her projects on her YouTube channel. The major projects that she participates in every year are Project Life, Week in the Life, Day in the Life, numerous travel albums, and of course, December Daily!

Kaitlyn Fritsch is a Canadian quilt pattern designer living in New Jersey. With a passion for story and bold, contemporary design, Kaitlyn relies on memory keeping for her personal creative practice. When not creating, she loves hiking, baking, and reading, but can most often be found making memories with her husband, son, and poodle. You can find Kaitlyn online at her website or follow along on Instagram @fritschinstitches to see what she's creating right now.
Website: [](

Shu-Wen is a baker / crafter / music maker from Canada. She's been making cards for many years, but only recently started scrapbooking in 2020, and she's loved every moment of my creative journey. Her scrapbooking style has been described as whimsical, colorful, and interactive. She first participated in December Daily in 2020, drawn in by the challenge of documenting the joys of December with as many interactive pages as she could fit in an album (or 3!). Since then, she's enjoyed sharing her yearly "12 Days of Interactive December Dailies" Video Series on YouTube for those who love interactive pages as much as she does!

Kirsten is from North Vancouver, BC and has been doing December Daily for over a decade now. She works in the ski industry, so busy Decembers are par for the course for her, making it even more important to have a process and plan going into it.