Crafty Ass Female

Episode 200: Episode 200! Stories & TV with Ali Edwards

December 15th, 2022

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In the 200th!!!!!! episode of the Crafty Ass Female Podcast, Kristin talks to Ali Edwards, and they discuss their love of television and how it helps them tell their stories. They talk about their favorite shows, both past and present, and how they connect to scrapbooking.

You'll hear about the shows we loved this year, why we loved them, and the shows we think are great recommendations for others (and a few that we thought were just okay).

Television is a great way to explore different story beats, take deeper looks at different characters, and how they can be used to enhance a scrapbooking project.

We also see how food TV shows have influenced our cooking and our lives, and it's been great to see their evolution from the days of 2am Food TV to everything available now. We discuss how some of these shows are more focused on competition and drama, while others are more focused on the process of cooking and being kind to one another.

This conversation was so epic that we had to break it into two episodes! The second half of this awesome conversation is coming up next week.