Crafty Ass Female

Episode 196: Sticker Love & Sticker Besties w/ Annie and Laura of the BFF Sticker Club

October 31st, 2022

Topics we cover in the show:

  • The origins of the BFF Sticker Club
  • How to use stickers as a way to Tell Your Story
  • Our favorite stickers and sticker challenges
  • How to get started with stickers if they're not totally your thing (yet!)
  • Currently List x2

About Annie and Laura:
Laura Wonsik and Annie Simkin are childhood besties who grew up to be mental health therapists, sticker enthusiasts, and adult besties! Together, they formed the BFF Sticker Club- a vibrant Instagram community of “Stickies,” who love to share their passion for stickers, snail mail, and kindness (with a decent dose of sarcasm and lots of laughter). We hope you come and join the fun- it’s the friendliest little corner of the internet. You can find us at

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