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Episode 195: The Many Joys of Planning w/ Mim Jenkinson

October 24th, 2022

In 2015, MIM was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to leave her corporate job. During this time, she got back into using a paper planner and decorating it with stickers as a way to take her mind off things. MIM is now cancer-free and the host of the Planner podcast.

Mim started out making stickers for herself and then decided she would give selling them on Etsy a go — and was successful! Her next step was teaching people how to make stickers through a course she created, and now she’s creating her own planner community empire!

Mim talks about how the community she's built around stickers has grown over the years. We talk about how amazing it is to have this incredible online community of people who enjoy planning, scrapbooking, and all of our favorite paper crafts! Thhe community is welcoming, supportive, and friendly. Where people of all ages and from all over the world can connect with each other.

We get into how the commonality of anxiety is just one of the things that brings people together in both of our communities; and we discuss the different ways of dealing with anxiety and managing our daily lives.

We also celebrate the variety in the way that people use planners. We talk about personal favorite planners, how we’re using them, and the different ways that we love seeing other people use them as well! We both love seeing people find new and creative ways to use the stickers and other features to suit their needs.

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