Crafty Ass Female

Episode 206: Using Other People's Words In Your Story

June 13th, 2023

Topics for our show today include:

  • Why do we think it matters when we include other people’s words in our scrapbooks?
  • How we incorporate words from people into our lives.
  • How to get people to get used to the idea of using words in their art.
  • How to incorporate current events into your scrapbooking
  • How song lyrics and lyrics can help you tell your story.
  • Bringing in other people’s perspectives can help when you don’t know what to say, but also add important context.

Amazing! Look for a full blog post over on the Awesome Ladies Project later this week, and make sure to check out before it's too late to join us here in East Lansing next month!!!

Our Guests:

Christine is a memory keeper and crafter of all types and has been scrapbooking for well over 20 years. She lives in Northern NJ with her husband, daughter and Havanese, Lulu, in the town she grew up in. Professionally Christine is in commercial real estate, primarily investment and asset & property management. She is an art journaler, an avid book lover, a music, theater, movie and tv fan and a hardcore foodie. Christine has been a member of the Awesome Ladies Project since 2018 and a member of the ALP FSS since 2020. She can be found on IG as cp_scraps and on the ALP as Christine_P.

Megan Kiekel Anderson (she/her) has been a memory keeper for over two decades. A dark fiction writer, she lives in Kansas City with her chaotic family including too many cats, chickens, and foster kittens. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @megan_nerdnest or at her website at [](