Crafty Ass Female

Episode 203: Scrapbooking: Basic Tools and Supplies

May 22nd, 2023

Join me as I talk to Carol Anne and Carrie about how and why they got started scrapping, and as we share some of our 60+ years of combined experience with you!

Topics we cover include:

  • How to kickstart your own scrapbooking by seeking out inspiration from others
  • After the basics, what are some of your essential extras when you go to create?
  • Figuring out what kind of scrapbooker you want to be

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Our guests:

Carrie is an avid paper lover, obsessed with books, a foodie but not snobby, an ADHD survivor, and a ragey intersectional feminist that is hopeful feminism can save the world.

Carol Anne is a long-time multi-format scrapbooker and cardmaker, who enjoys adding humor, honesty, and song lyrics to her layouts. Despite her quiet affect, she has been known to express an opinion or three when asked.