Crafty Ass Female

Episode 201: What Is Scrapbooking

May 6th, 2023

In this episode of the Crafty Ass Female Podcast, Kristin talks to Tracey and Kate to kick off Season 10 of the show! This is the first of a series of episodes featuring scrapbookers from around the world, coming together to discuss how and why they scrapbook.

Topics we cover include:

  • How scrapbooking is a form of memory-keeping, and memory-keeping is a longstanding tradition.
  • What it means to be a paper goblin
  • What you really need to scrapbook (hint: not much!)
  • An eternal debate - stamps vs. stickers

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Our guests:

Tracey Fox is a self-proclaimed “scrapbookin’, feminist nerd” living in Ohio with her husband and three cats. She is a director of data analytics by day and a scrapbooker by night, and she documents her introverted adventures with bright colors and lots of photos on every page. Tracey is on Instagram at @scrappylikeafox.

Kate Garvin lives in Ohio with her husband and two cats. She is a marketing project manager and has been scrapbooking since 2020. Kate is on Instagram @craftykate616.