Crafty Ass Female

Episode 173: Dream, Create, Sell with Studio Sisters

June 15th, 2021

Taylor and Katie Smith are sisters who have a top 1% Etsy shop where they sell vinyl and planner stickers. Katie designs the stickers and all the stickers are printed on site.

The Smith sisters are two totally different humans (and that's one of the reasons Kristin was so excited to talk to them — the other that she's been friends with Katie for almost a decade) and that's one of the reasons that lead to their incredible success.

They talk about the different things that they were both able to bring to this new business venture and how they were able to do over $100,000 in sales on Etsy last year, selling just stickers alone.

Taylor and Katie are now creating a brand new course helping other people achieve creative business success in the same way they have with their new course: Dream, Create, Sell.

Throughout the episode we talk about why they decided to create a course (they want to help other creatives and artists who are selling their work get more traction with their businesses). We also talk about who this course is for, what mistakes they see people making, and what students are going to get out of Dream, Create, Sell.

This is a great conversation for anyone interested in diving deeper with their art and their artistic business.

If you want to learn more about Dream, Create, Sell or Studio Sisters head to

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