Crafty Ass Female

Episode 172: rukristin's Daily Pages

May 17th, 2021

What are rukristin's Daily Pages?
- Daily Pages are a project that rukristin came up with in the summer of 2018
- Each day, she opens up a small notebook to the first/next two blank pages and creates something with pictures, paper, words, or the bits of life
- The Daily Pages project is a way for people to document their lives in a simple and accessible way. By using small notebook there is less surface to fill, which makes it simpler and faster to create pages and tell the stories of your life.
- Through repetition and habit building, Daily Pages helps to create incredible outcomes — both on the page and inside the artist.

What can Daily Pages do for you?
- Daily Pages will make you a better artist.
- You will level up your skills
- Whatever tools you're using? You'll get better
- You will find and develop your style
- You will tell stories about your life that you wouldn't have otherwise
- You'll use (more of) your stuff
- You'll get new ideas for how to use your stuff