Crafty Ass Female

Episode 40: Cheeky Icons, Street Art & Stationery w/ Pinky Weber

August 20th, 2018

So is Pinky her real name? (The girls get to that right away.) Also in this episode, Pinky talks about going to Parsons School of Art & Design, how Brooklyn and living in New York influences her work, and being a woman in the street art community.

Pinky also discusses her cheeky, cheerful style and her desire to make the world more fun. The girls discuss understanding the inspiration behind everyday inanimate objects + giving them personality.

Other gems in this episode: Pinky's approach to her booth at the NSS trade show, whether or not she reached her goals for NSS, her feelings on licensing her work, advice to artists who are just starting to make art, and what she had hired help actually help her do.