Crafty Ass Female

Episode 33: Extravagant Hope & Grace w/ Brandi Kincaid

July 2nd, 2018

Welcome to Crafty Ass Female's 'Summer of Special Guests' : our second series of amazing, inspiring interviews with a badass bunch of creative & resourceful women that Amanda + Kristin can't wait to share with you!

Today we're talking to Brandi Kincaid, one of Kristin's artistic inspirations. Brandi is an illustrator and paper crafter who makes and records memories with her husband Andrew, and puppy Augie Roo, in Bellingham, Washington. She spends all her free moments listening closely, playing with paper and glue, and drawing a version of the world around her.

A few days a week you can find her helping guests and giving tours at her local art and history museum, which is, in her not so humble opinion, the best place to practice some of that listening she loves so much. When she isn't making a mess or dreaming up new designs, she's spending time at one of her favorite neighborhood bookshops, thrifting treasures, or watching episodes of Murder She Wrote, because nothing beats J.B. Fletcher.