Crafty Ass Female

Episode 184: Celebrating My Whole Life w/ Kinjal Tanna

May 23rd, 2022

How does intersectionality come up while you’re scrapbooking your stories?

Today I’m talking to ALP community member Kinjal Tanna. We’ve bonded over the past few years over our millennial outsider-ness in the scrapbooking world. We talked about that identity (and others), while chatting about the industry at large, in this week’s episode.

In this episode, Kinjal and I talk about:

  • Her early desire to be an artist (and what that meant)
  • What looking like an outsider has meant and felt in different places at different times in Kinjal’s life (as a teacher in Japan, and in the scrapbooking industry)
  • The pressure to ‘represent’ certain groups of people
  • The different ways the scrapbooking industry has failed representation
  • Our mutual love for Brandi Kincaid
  • So much more

This episode is filled with so much heartfelt conversation, fabulous wisdom, and really great chat.