Crafty Ass Female

Episode 102: Rooted Reinvention w/ Katy-Rose Bye

November 18th, 2019

Katy-Rose Bye shares with Amanda & Kristin about how she spent a good portion of her life trying to invent or reinvent herself, trying figure out her purpose. She feels you don’t have to take an eat pray love approach to reinvent yourself, and makes a great point that a LAPSE is not a RELAPSE.

The girls also discuss negative bias and how we’re almost hard-wired to put more emphasis on negativity. Katy-Rose talks about prioritizing the positive in her life and redefining negativity like in the example of saying “resting” instead of “slacking”.

Katy-Rose reveals that the brain works in habits, and the more we do something the more our brain will habitualize to it. She talks about stacking habits and adding a new activity you want to make a habit to a habit you already regularly complete.