EPISODE 16 kicked off Season 2 of the podcast + the 4-week series of our Crafty Ass Madness spring event.

Part 01 of the series is all about COLOR, sweet sweet COLOR, and the various crafting supplies that allow us to add color to our projects.

Click Here to Listen to the COLOR Episode

Part 02 of the series is all about PAPER, A + K's favorite topic of the four and one that they loved getting into

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What is Crafty Ass Madness?

Crafty Ass Madness is a four week tournament-style challenge where we’ll be pitting your favorite craft supplies against one another in a single-elimination bracket style showdown.

How to Play Along

For the next four weeks, after each of our crafty ass madness episodes air color, paper, embellishments, and tools,  there will be a round of voting on your favorite crafty supplies. 

We’ll go from 32 Crafty Ass Supplies this week to 16 next week, 8 the week after, and then we’ll have our very own Crafty Ass Female Final Four!

Everyone who votes will be entered to win an Gift card. One entry per email address per week. 

Scroll down to vote for the Week One Winners!

Download the Bracket

Download the Crafty Ass Madness bracket, make it awesome, and share with the world! We've made two styles of brackets for you to choose from:

Bring it up on your device, print it out, fill it out, be as creative as you want! Post it on Instagram, tag us @craftyassfemale and make sure to use the event hashtag #CraftyAssMadness!

Everyone who shares a bracket on Instagram will be entered to win an Amazon gift certificate to pick up your favorite Crafty Ass Supplies. Unlimited Entries. Each bracket must be unique. 

Bookmark this page for all the details on the Crafty Ass Madness spring event.