EPISODE 16 kicked off Season 2 of the podcast + the 4-week series of our Crafty Ass Madness spring event.

Listen to each of the episodes below

Part 01 of the series is all about COLOR, sweet sweet COLOR, and the various crafting supplies that allow us to add color to our projects.

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Part 02 of the series is all about PAPER, A + K's favorite topic of the four and one that they loved getting into.

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Part 03 of the series is all about EMBELLISHMENTS, The key to exploring your style and making projects uniquely you.

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Part 04 of the series is all about TOOLS, the supplies that we need in order to make most every other crafty thing happen.

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What is Crafty Ass Madness?

Crafty Ass Madness was our Season 2 kick off series, featuring a four week tournament-style challenge where we pitted your favorite craft supplies against one another in a single-elimination bracket style showdown.

Join the Discussion! 

The fun doesn't have to end! We're keeping the Crafty Ass Madness discussion alive over on our Patreon page. We've got a post for each one of the supplies on the bracket and we want to know what you think! 

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the Final Bracket + Winners

Check out the FINAL Crafty Ass Madness bracket with the full record of which supplies made it to which rounds, as well as ALL of the Crafty Ass Madness winners on our Patreon feed!

We'll leave these brackets up for you to download and play with anytime!


                                              (click to view Amanda's filled out bracket)