EP. 60 // Working Smarter, Not Harder

…aaannnddd WE’RE BACK from our holiday hiatus with the second half of Season 3 and our 60th (!!!) episode. We titled this episode “WorkING Smarter, Not Harder” because the theme is no longer a concept we’re merely just discussing or brainstorming about; WE’RE LIVING IT the best we can, like, presently…right now.

EP 60 - Back w/ Season 3 Working Smarter, Not Harder // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


Amanda + Kristin talk about how they’ve been actualizing this season’s theme WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER, while sprinkling fun chit-chat back and forth about TV and TV Guide Christmas trees and other things on their mind. (Let’s keep it casual.)

A + K also talk about working smarter in terms of reorganizing your space, and shifting the way you react to the alarm signals your brain can send you.


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EP. 55 // The Holiday Mid-Season Finale

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year, you crafty ass females! Welcome to the mid-season finale of our beloved Season 3 of the show! It’s sort of holiday-themed, being released on Christmas Eve, but it’s also filled with plenty of recent happenings from A + K’s December that hopefully provide some gems you could reflect on and take with you into the new year. The girls talk crafts, life, mental health, growth…you know the deal. ;)

EP 55 - The Season 3 Holiday Mid-Season Finale // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


Amanda + Kristin start the episode chatting about where they are with their December Dailies and what’s been working. They then go into talking about how they got “so much better at life this year” and explore if the podcast could have had something to do with that. (Ummm…DUH.)

A + K also talk about growing up, how self-respect means being able to take care of yourself, the pursuit of happiness vs. happiness, and the importance of asking for HELP.


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Thanks, as always, for listening & all the good vibes + support you give the show! We love you, and hope you have a wonderful holiday & transition into the new year!


For the next few Mondays, Crafty Ass Female will be on break. A + K will re-release some of our best and applicable shows from “from the vault” of Season 1 and 2, starting next week with one of our earliest favorites: the BEST NINE episode. // We’ll be back with the second half of season 3 at the end of January.

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EP. 54 // the 1 year anniversary episode

You guys!!! The podcast launched one year ago on December 15th, 2017 (with episodes 1, 2, & 3) and what a learning experience creating this show for you has been! This is our 1 year Anniversary Episode, and whether you’ve listened to us from the beginning or just stumbled upon us today, we’re happy you’re here and we hope you’ve found value in A + K’s crafty conversations! Happy Birthday, podcast! We love you!

EP 54 - The 1-year Anniversary Episode // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


In this episode you'll hear Amanda + Kristin reflect about favorite moments, lessons learned, + what it’s been like to host this podcast for the past year.

A + K talk about how they measure success when it comes to the podcast, a little behind the scenes of how the show’s produced (thanks, Jeff!), and the difference between being driven and being drawn.

Many Thanks //

…and here’s the part of the post where we ugly cry face our gratitude for YOU, listener + reader + crafty ass female.

This show is for YOU and it wouldn’t exist without you ladies “getting it”. Thank you for getting it. Thank you for coming along on this journey with us. That you for being your fierce, authentic selves & for all your good vibes & support.

Here’s to another year or two or ten! xo

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EP. 51 // The *GIFT GUIDE* Episode

‘Tis the season for…consumerism? [Deep sigh.] We hope not. Amanda + Kristin wanted to do their part to eliminate some of the stress + anxiety often involved in gift-giving and shopping for the “perfect” gift. SHOP SMARTER, NOT HARDER! With that in mind, this Crafty Ass Gift Guide was born, and in episode 51, A + K list a few of their favorite things, and discuss what could make gift-giving this season a little more pleasurable.

EP. 51 // The Gift Guide Episode | Crafty Ass Female


Amanda + Kristin each chose a few of their favorite things in a gift guide round-up. The girls also talk about how the story behind WHY you chose a specific gift for a particular person can make all the difference, how the mindless mall-searching is the worst (!!!), and the type of gifts that come with a permission to regift if necessary! No stress!

OMG, everybody…it’s the holidays. We’re in it; they’re here. Let’s get through it together! Love you!




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EP. 50 // The Thanksgiving Episode

We couldn't agree more that ‘tis the season for thankfulness & gratitude. 100% !!! …but there is also a lot that we crafty ass females need to be resourceful about around the holidays. Along with the turkey, the mash potatoes, and the stuffing comes…well…‘STUFF’ that also gets passed around, not all of it tasty + welcomed.

On this Monday before Thanksgiving, A + K decided to release an episode that talks about ‘navigating’ the holidays: a time of the year when anxieties might rise, family dysfunction might become front & center, and the pressure of what your holiday or personal life ‘should’ look like might cause some distress.

Welcome to episode 50: The Thanksgiving Episode, that really is a ‘getting-together-with-family-anytime-of-the-year’ episode. We hope it encourages you to set boundaries, reaffirm your values, and know - despite what any family member makes you feel like around a table full of food - that you’re doing great, girlfriend. We see you. xoxo

EP. 50 // The Thanksgiving Episode | Crafty Ass Female


Amanda + Kristin start this episode with a chat about what their plans are for this year’s upcoming Thanksgiving, and different things they’ve done for Thanksgivings past: REDOs & ‘scrimmages’.

The girls also talk BOUNDARIES + VALUES, which as so key during time with family - and suggest ways to cope: take a longer-than-usual bathroom break, a fake nap, or hang with the kiddos! You can also buffer the evening with board games!

The convo gradually shifts into the day-after Black Friday gift-giving season & ways to be resourceful in that as well. [Sigh.] Holidays!


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EP. 47 // The Election Episode

On this Monday before Halloween, we decided to release this episode on the spookiest topic we could imagine: POLITICS…and voting…and the election. EEK!

Welcome to episode 47: The Election Episode, one which A + K think is super important in this day and age, as electing representatives to address our needs, issues, and values is yet another thing we women have to be resourceful about, and let’s be honest: is downright confusing!

This episode reveals how the relationship + conversation between informed women voters like Kristin, and uninformed women who want to be voters like Amanda, needs to develop + grow.

EP. 47 // The Election Episode | Crafty Ass Female


In this episode, Amanda + Kristin host a research-based, non-partisan episode on participating in elections, voting, and all that important good stuff that can feel really scary + intimidating to us crafty ass females who are usually juggling hundreds of other things.

Kristin gives us a really practical, undramatic way to think about it all, and how she puts it is such an amazing takeaway!

Questions that were answered were:

1) Where & how can I register to vote?

2) Who am I voting for on November 6th? If it’s not the presidential election, why is it important to vote?

3) How can I know if the sources & information is reliable? Where’s the best place to go to get informed?

4) Is it bad to “trust your gut” when it comes to voting?

5) What happens if you don’t like ANY candidate running? 


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EP. 42 // LESS / MORE

CHEERS! WE’RE BACK! …and WOO, do we have a fun few weeks planned for you! The theme for Season 3 of Crafty Ass Female is Work Smarter, Not Harder - an idea that a lot of our past 40+ episodes have touched on & been leading up to.

Today’s show is the perfect kick-off! This LESS/MORE episode has A + K listing what they want less of and more of in their lives. This is great 10-minute exercise to complete yourself in order to really examine what is adding to your life and what is subtracting — so you can consciously spend time on the things that make you feel stronger & more fulfilled.

43 LESS MORE blog post.jpg


In this episode, A + K go back & forth sharing items on their LESS/MORE lists.


LESS excess.
LESS unrewarding work.
LESS pain.

MORE space.
MORE time.
MORE connection.


LESS of more,
MORE of less.

LESS agonizing,
MORE organizing.

LESS trying to be good or have other people think I’m good, and MORE having fun just playing.

LESS trying to get to where I want to go, MORE just being where I am.

LESS focus on happiness,
MORE focus on wellness.



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