EP. 82 // Launching Your Site w/ PROMISE TANGEMAN

Today we have Promise Tangeman - the CEO and Creative Director of GoLiveHQ, a team of Brand Strategists and Graphic and Web Designers who create and launch brands and websites for small businesses - on the podcast!

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Promise Tangeman and the girls talk about how many 'Promise’s they know and have met! They then go into her creative journey from double majoring in graphic design + fine arts and the days of branding out her & her freinds’ MySpace pages! Haa! Promise also talks about how the idea for GoLiveHQ came to be!

Also, this week is GoLiveHQ’s 4th of JULY Sale! Get 30% off Squarespace Website Templates Thursday 7/4/19 to Sunday 7/7/19. PLUS, you’ll get into GoLive’s FREE 5-day LAUNCH TOGETHER! workshop dedicated to helping you launch your site. YAY!


(inspired by Kristin's CURRENTLY CARD)

WATCHING: The Bacholrette
READING: The Power of Now
MAKING: a new GoLiveHQ mini workshop
FEELING: tired
PLANNING: our 4th of JULY Sale!
LOVING: her husband


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EP. 40 // Cheeky Icons, Street Art & Stationery w/ Pinky Weber

We are so proud of how Crafty Ass Female's 'Summer of Special Guests' - our second series of amazing, inspiring interviews with a badass bunch of creative & resourceful women - turned out! Today's episode is our LAST of this series, and we're going out with a BANG! (Next week's show will be the finale episode of Season 2 of the podcast.)  

Today we have award-winning professional doodler, muralist shmuralist, zine queen, and donut enthusiast Pinky Weber on the podcast. She is the head of Pinky Weber Studio, Brooklyn’s finest female-run greeting card and accessory company, where wine o’clock starts promptly at 3 pm. 

By injecting reality with unexpected and playful imagery, Pinky re-evaluates the relationship between humans and ordinary un-celebrated everyday objects. She uses her work as a platform to transform the most monotonous, bland items into precious, vibrant, exciting icons — forcing the viewer to reconsider their typical relationship to physical space and reality. Cheeky and cheerful, Pinky Weber is perfect for parties, pick-me-ups, and presents between pals.

EP 40 PINKY WEBER | Crafty Ass Female


So is Pinky her real name? (The girls get to that right away.) Also in this episode, Pinky talks about going to Parsons School of Art & Design, how Brooklyn and living in New York influences her work, and being a woman in the street art community.

Pinky also discusses her cheeky, cheerful style and her desire to make the world more fun. The girls discuss understanding the inspiration behind everyday inanimate objects + giving them personality.

Other gems in this episode: Pinky's approach to her booth at the NSS trade show, whether or not she reached her goals for NSS, her feelings on licensing her work, advice to artists who are just starting to make art, and what she had hired help actually help her do. 


Pinky on how she's 'crafty' as RESOURCEFUL:

"I use both sides of the Swiffer® pad? (Haa Haa!) ...I think figuring out how to use my art in multiple ways and figuring out as many ways as possible that it works while still being ME. I really like doing illustration, I really like doing murals, I really like doing stationery...why can't I do all three?! ...

...and figuring out alternative ways where I don't have to go and sit at a cubicle and work, but still make money and be happy - even if it means putting more hours in, you know, having a tighter budget, eating dollar pizza four nights a week, that's fine. If I'm happy, you know, doing what I love just making ends meet, that's cool."

Lindsay Lohan Mugshots - EP 40 PIKY WEBER | Crafty Ass Female




Where to find Pinky //


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