EP. 41 // Season 2 Finale LIVE SHOW @ Awesome Ladies Live

The second annual Awesome Ladies Live Feminist Scrapbooking Retreat hosted by our very own Kristin 'rukristin' Tweedale took place in her home town of East Lansing, Michigan the weekend from August 17-19. 

It was AWESOME! There were LADIES! ...and we crafted together LIVE!

What was also LIVE during the retreat was the recording of today's episode: the finale of what's been a HELL of a Season 2! A + K discussed the theme of this year's retreat which was Self-Care Through Storytelling.

EP 41 - Season 2 Finale LIVE SHOW @ Awesome Ladies Live 2018 | Crafty Ass Female


A + K talk about self-care: what it means to you + why self-care is an important part of your routine. The girls also reflect on their previous 40 episodes (whoa!!!) + how it's been interesting to learn that not only do we need self-care, but we crafty ass females need each other for it.

The girls hit on topics of bravery, showing kindness to others + grace to yourself, and how storytelling + memory keeping as an act of practiced self-care can get you to that 'grace place'. 


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In the After-Chatter attached to this finale, A+K have returned from Awesome Ladies Live & reflect on their experience. They revisit some moments from the LIVE recording, talk about how Kristin plans on growing the event next year, and disclose some plans for this podcast's season 3.

What to expect next//

A + K will be taking a short break, and Season 3 of Crafty Ass Female will return with a brand new episode on Monday Sept 24th.

The theme for this upcoming season is going to be Work Smarter, Not Harder and is an idea that a lot of our past 40 episodes have been leading up to.

Season 3 will be kicking off with a  LESS/MORE episode of the girls listing off what they want less of and more of in their lives. We are also planning for new guest interviews, a talk about December Daily, recapping our one little words, & more! 

Also expect an update of this website & some new products in our Crafty Ass Female merch shop! // We can't wait! Season 3 is on the horizon! Talk soon! xoxo