EP. 15 // Spring Cleaning + Organization

Happy first Monday of March!  We are only six days away from Daylight Savings beginning + functioning on summer's timing! YAAAASSSSSSSSSSS! A + K can't think of a better time to get motivated to spruce up your space! 

15 SPRING CLEANING blog post.jpg


Amanda + Kristin chat about clutter-busting, organizing their space, cleaning the eff up, & how it all contributes to a better state of mind + your craftiest self! Cheers to that!

• What do you display VS. what do you hide?
• Tossing what you haven't 'touched' in 6-months
• What belongs where? 
• How you can alleviate environmental 'roadblocks'
• Thinking 'outside the box' for creative storage
• Repurposing cardboard boxes for storage


"Don't underestimate the power of having a place for something...splurge on 'the place for something'...I am one of those people that negotiates in my head why I don't need it, but we're trying to give you permission to buy certain things that could be helpful..." -- Amanda


At the end of this episode, K mentions the #metoomovement + references #timesup. Here's some more information about the TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund, which she'll be donating 50% of the proceeds from her destash sale and the me too movement that inspired this spark of dialog to begin. 

TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund helps to defray legal and public relations costs in select cases for those who have experienced sexual harassment or related retaliation in the workplace. The Fund is housed at and administered by the National Women’s Law Center, an established, national women’s rights legal organization. A network of lawyers and public relations professionals across the country will work to provide assistance to those who have experienced harassment or retaliation.  Access to prompt and comprehensive legal and communications help will mean empowerment for these individuals and long-term growth for our culture and communities as a whole. 

The National Women’s Law Center will connect individuals who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace or related retaliation with attorneys who can provide legal assistance including a free initial consultation.

The Me Too Movement In 2006, Tarana Burke founded the me too. movement to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly young women of color from low wealth communities, find pathways to healing. Using the idea of “empowerment through empathy,” the me too. movement was ultimately created to ensure survivors know they're not alone in their journey.



You guys! This 15th episode marks the END of the first season of Crafty Ass Female! Thank you for tuning in, for all your positivity + support + good vibes, and for sharing the show on your social media. 

Season 2 begins next week without a hitch! We're debuting our brand-new patreon-exclusive Crafty Ass Female After Chatter show and we're kicking off with the first episode of our Crafty Ass Madness series discussing the supplies you ladies submitted in the survey that was a part of our A + K's FAVE SUPPLIES episode! We are looking forward to expanding the podcast with a buttload of fun ideas including (but not limited to) guests interviews + the Crafty Ass Bookclub! 

We've also recently created the following new places to connect with the Crafty Ass Female community: INSTAGRAMTWITTERFACEBOOK, AND PATREON!!! All the love! xoxo

EP. 14 // Comparison-itis

Do you got the 'ITIS'? ...you know...that monster inside your head that makes it reeeeaaallly hard NOT to compare yourself to other crafters, artists, and humans who you feel are just doing better than you are. There's a definite difference between feeling INSPIRED by who someone is + what they do, and catching the ITIS about it.

above image credit:   Mari Andrew  |  @bymariandrew

above image credit: Mari Andrew | @bymariandrew


In this episode you'll hear Amanda + Kristin talk about the 'rut of the mind' called COMPARISON-ITIS.

They touch on a variety of topics including:
• looking 'behind the curtain' of Design Teams
• tapping into yourself for joy
• knowing + setting up boundaries
• unfollowing those that don't serve your emotions
• the pressure of 'timelines'
• having a growth mindset vs. stuck mindset
• meditation - different types + how they help


"When you feel like you are comparing your lows to someone else's highs, it's just not working for you...just don't..." -- KRISTIN 


Is comparison-itis getting you down?! If so, SHARE your thoughts & how you're dealing with it.

The podcast is happily growing + we've recently created the following new places to connect with us: INSTAGRAM, TWITTERFACEBOOK, AND PATREON!!!!

We've set up a PATREON page where you, the Crafty Ass Female community, can help support the rapid growth of our show with amazing rewards, great bonus content, and exclusive behind-the-scenes stuff you won't see anywhere else! You can listen (AND WATCH!) our the first exclusive Patreon episode: Where We're Going + How We're Taking You With Us. 

EP. 13 // A + K's FAVE Must-Have Go-To Craft Supplies

Oh, craft supplies! We love you! ...but for this particular episode, we wanted to focus on these two questions: What do you absolutely NEED to have by your side when crafting? and What do you NEVER STOP using?

A n K FAVES Craft Supplies // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


In this episode you'll hear Amanda + Kristin share what 5 must-have tools/supplies they need by their side when crafting, and how the items they choose would have been different if they chose years ago. (So funny how crafting evolves.)


(1) Tombow Permanent Adhesive runner
(2) Fiskars Paper Trimmer
(3) Mildliners / Mr. Sketch pastels
(4) decorative sticky notes + basic sticky notes
(5) tweezer / BIC white out runner / mini scissors
WILD CARD: Crayola Slick Stix

K's FAVES //

(1) Scotch Advanced Tape Glider (ATG)
(2) Versafine Onyx Black Ink
(3) acrylic block(s) for stamping
(4) 6-hole hole punch
(5) alpha/number stickers + Pilot multiball pen
WILD CARD: 48-set Watercolor tubes


**GIVEAWAY HAS SINCE CLOSED** // Click over to craftyassfemale.com/madness and list your personal 5 FAVE must-have go-to craft supplies! Your items could be similar to or completely different from the bunch A + K talked about in this episode, but be truthful, participate, and submit your answers!

BONUS! When you fill out the form, you'll automatically be entered to win a GIVEAWAY prize pack of some of A+K's FAVE SUPPLIES delivered right to your door! YAY! xoxo **GIVEAWAY HAS SINCE CLOSED**

EP. 12 // Galentine's Day + making adult friends

Ovaries before Brovaries! Uteruses before Dude-eruses! The spirit of Galentine's Day is alive on this podcast everyday since we love to celebrate you ladies, but today dives in to the specifics of the holiday + talks FRIENDSHIP. 

EP 12 - Galentine's Day

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Amanda's audio is a bit choppy in this episode + we apologize for any annoyance or inconvenience it might cause in your listening. We figured out what the problem was, and in future episodes, it is fixed. We appreciate your understanding on this matter. Thanks, babes!


Amanda + Kristin quote Leslie Knope, talk about friendships, the role social media plays, and why it's hard to make adult friends nowadays. A lot of things come into play.


We're introverts! - Being around people IRL drains us! Nowadays the Internet allows us to make friends without the eye-contact and other cultural cues needed, that our brains are no longer wired for face-to-face interactions anymore.

• You visit adultfriendfinder.com + think it's an easy place on the internet to make life-long friends. Nope! (Meetup.com is better.)

• We get older + wiser, and no longer want to associate with people who partake in unnecessary drama or make us feel anything but energized.

We're all freakishly busy! Adulting is hard + expensive, & we as women CAN DO ANYTHING, but we're often pigeonholed in our lives into doing EVERYTHING! (Where do friends come in?)


Galentine's Day
Leslie Knope explaining Galentine's Day
13 signs you're an empath
Brandi Kincaid's IG "Give What You Need"
meme on friends + photos
Eleanor Roosevelt quote
Runaway Bride + the eggs
HAPPY documentary 
Denmark's Co-Housing
"women must do everything" article


We created some DIGITAL GALENTINES for ya!! Share one or two or ALL of the images below to your social media feed + tag your gal pals on the saying that applies to them. 


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EP. 11 // 30 Days of Lists + low impact projects

#ListersGonnaList because DUH! we crafty ass females have a bunch of things to get done and we need to get them done efficiently! But what if the idea of lists could be reframed in our heads and thought of as creative exercise? ...a very low-impact, manageable way to get crafty? A + K say YES, PLEASE!

11 30 days of lists blog post 02.jpg

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Amanda's audio is a bit choppy in this episode + we apologize for any annoyance or inconvenience it might cause in your listening. Let's use this as a friendly reminder that we have no big company backing, no fancy equipment, no specialized team of talent & we're learning as we go. We will adjust + make improvements as time goes on, & appreciate your understanding on this matter. Thanks, babes!


Amanda + Kristin talk about the creative listing challenge entitled 30 Days of Lists. They touch on prepping your #30lists album, how the challenge works, how they've participated in the past, and the benefits of these type of low-impact projects with an established community backing.


"The initial low-impact exercise of just grouping these images ends up - when you reflect and look at them - giving you clues into things you didn't even realize 'cause they're all subconscious. In the choosing and the writing of the list or the choosing of the images, things are happening and themes from your life are popping up that maybe you wouldn't have seen just when you're trying to think about them. The act of making the list or picking the images is what ends up fleshing out the themes...doing the work..." -- Amanda



Have you ever used a list in a creative way? If so, link to your creations in the comments! Will you be participating in 30 Days of Lists next month, and if so - will it be your first time, or have you participated in the past? Tell us! Tell us! 

ALSO: We're all in this together! We want to tackle the topics YOU want to hear about, and are opened to any suggestions + heartfelt feedback. You can leave them in the comments below or contact Amanda or Kristin with your thoughts. Thanks! xoxo

EP. 10 // Why We Scrapbook

Paper + memories. Memories + paper. A + K  have a deep love & affinity for both, and chances are you crafty ass females visiting this space today do too. Let's discuss!  // (NOTE: the pages below were completed in the Awesome Ladies Project Story Journal.)

10 why we scrapbook blog post 02.jpg


Amanda + Kristin explore why we as crafty ass females scrapbook / document / memory keep our life. They talk about how their memory keeping has evolved, and discuss documenting hard things.

A + K also explain that although they are ALL ABOUT paper + memories, you won't find them spending every waking moment posing + taking pictures for 'the scrapbook.' Life events are meant to be lived. The 'art' part comes later.


"Taking a picture is a two-dimensional thing...a picture is a two-dimensional object...and sometimes you just really need to live in a three-dimensional world." -- Kristin


We would love to hear why you memory keep!  What are your reasons? How long have you scrapbooked? What started you scrapbooking? What has made you stay? If you left, what brought you back to it!

ALSO: We're all in this together! We want to tackle the topics YOU want to hear about, and are opened to any suggestions + heartfelt feedback. You can leave them in the comments below or contact Amanda or Kristin with your thoughts. Thanks! xoxo

EP. 09 // Crafter's Block + Creative Ruts

As crafty ass females, who love sharing our creativity with world, there's very little more frustrating than sitting down to make something beautiful and coming up with diddly squat! 

09 crafters block blog post.jpg


Crafter's block + creative ruts are very real, and Amanda + Kristin talk about ones they've experienced, and how they worked through them.


(1) Do something totally different. Kristin plays video games. Amanda goes dancing. Other activities: gardening, cooking, going for a walk, listening to a podcast, read a book, running.

(2) Talk back to the negative self-talk. Kristin says, "You DO know how to do this. You need to stop psyching yourself out."

(3) Create without judgement. (Yes, easier said than done.) Make what's in you to make, despite feeling like it isn't any good. (see Ira Glass quote HERE ---> )

(4) Limit the supplies you are using to create with. When you get stuck in the 'making' part, step away + create a 'kit' of supplies from your existing stash to reignite motivation.

(5) Prompts + challenges. Participating in these gives you guidelines to follow + a group to pull inspiration from. Knowing the 'rules' allows you to know which ones to break.

(6) Let go of things that aren't working. Let activities that feel like roadblocks turn you toward what's working with better flow for you.

(7) Make for the sake of making + try a different medium.  

(8) Get a crafting buddy! When you get stuck mid-project or lack motivation, being able to contact another creative will give you a second perspective to work with.

(9) Wait it out. Ideas + projects sometimes need time to marinate before they 'click'. 


Imposter Syndrome
Ira Glass quote on "your taste"
decision fatigue
the lettering trend
Amanda lays alphas like nobody's business
Clique Kits interview
A's Love Notes collection
pineapple paper in It Factor


“Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit. Most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.”


What has been your experience with crafter's block? How often do you get into a creative rut? Which piece of advice from this episode did you find most helpful? // Let us know in the comments section below, or tag @rukristin, @amandarosezamp, & #craftyassfemale on Instagram with your thoughts. // xoxo

EP. 08 // What's my 'thing'?

If there's one question we crafty ass females often ask ourselves + are often in search of the answer to, it's: WHAT'S MY THING? We hold - at a higher importance than most - this notion of doing in this world what we feel we were meant to do. ENTER: this episode...

08 whats my thing.jpg


Amanda + Kristin explore what it means to have a 'thing', how you can go about finding a 'thing', what we think tapping into your 'thing' should feel like in your body, & other bits + pieces surrounding this question.

NOTE FROM AMANDA: Guys, THIS is my favorite episode we've recorded so far! This question rules my life + there are so many good nuggets that got me & will get you thinking.  There has never been a time in history where there's more opportunity to grow from your 'thing' than now,  but at the same time, EVERYBODY'S trying to do that so it makes it more challenging to get it going. Uh! Amen to that, right?! This episode addresses all this and more + I hope it's one of your faves too! xoxo


"Questioning questions is one of my favorite things to question." -- Kristin
"The truth is that the EXACT conditions of your life are setting you up for the EXACT evolution of what your 'thing' is supposed to be." -- Amanda


Of all the episodes we've done, THIS is the one A + K want to hear feedback on! Where are you at in your journey to find your 'thing'? As females, our children play a major role in our 'things' whether they become part of our 'thing' or they become a giant interruption of us pursuing our 'thing'. What're your thoughts/experiences with this?


EP. 07 // Planners + Organization for the new year

Okay, okay: it might SEEM like this episode is late to the Planner Line-Up 'Listing Party', but A + K beg to differ! They say one week into the new year is the perrrrfect time to focus on your planner game.  

2018 Planners + Organization // Crafty Ass Female


Amanda + Kristin reveal their 'planner' plans going into the new year, and how they organize projects + tasks.  They also discuss putting life's 'negotiables' & 'non-negotiables' into their planner, how early they plan in advance, & answer the very frequently asked question: "Do you throw out your old, used planners?" GASP!


main 6x8 Binder

>> >> >> K'S PLANNER BLOG POST << << <<


The BIG Happy Planner® w/ planner strips
The CLASSIC Happy Planner® for memory keeping
The MINI Happy Planner® for fitness
Trendsetter Happy Planner® 
• BIG (free) Wall Calendar from dad

>> >> >> A'S PLANNER BLOG POST << << <<


What's your planner line-up at the start of this year, or items you use to organize your projects and 'stuff to do'? Share in the comments section below, or tag #craftyassfemale on IG.

EP. 06 // GOALS for 2018 + inspo for the new year

Happy friggin' New Year!!! What? Huh? 2018?! How?! Time...CHILL. Please. Why you punish me?

2018 goals + inspiration // Crafty Ass Female


Amanda + Kristin discuss how they come up with focuses going into the new year, and list their own personal projects, goals, + inspirations for 2018. 


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Baby Driver
Nicki Minaj
Tiffany Han
'Raise Your Hand and Say Yes' podcast
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Broad City
Drucilla Cornell


How I Built This with Guy Raz
Austin Kleon
Mari Andrew
Melody Hansen
Leah Reena Goren
Tina Aszmus, lifelovepaper
Studio Calico
Frankie + Flow
Maya Rudolph, Meryl Streep, Bette Midler
This Is Us
Stranger Things
Rupi Kaur


What are a couple of your biggest goals/intentions for this new year? Share in the comments section below, or tag #craftyassfemale on IG.

EP. 05 // 'best nine' + thoughts on posturing

This will be the week you'll probably see all your Insta-buddies' #2017bestnine posts, if you haven't been seeing them already. We are only six days away from the new year (!!!), and everyone wants to know: what were my most-liked nine posts on Instagram this year?

05 BEST NINE blog post.jpg


In this episode Amanda + Kristin discuss the Instagram phenomenon referred to as 'best nine' + offer an alternative way to think about it. Also on their minds going into the new year is the toxicity of posturing - on the internet, in crafting, and in life.

NOTE FROM AMANDA: We express some strong opinions in this episode, but we hope you know it's just to make you think...to bring awareness to the weirdness that is wrapped up in using social media. Nothing more. The core message we hope comes through is this: YOUR VALUE IS INHERENT + not determined by the number of 'likes' or what a website calculates is important content. xoxo


We talked about a buttload of social media stuff in this episode, but toward the end we called you to action by posing the #2017bestnine VS. #mytrue2017bestnine challenge! 

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Search what your #2017bestnine are, and assess the images that appear. What did followers and viewers find most appealing from your feed? Then reflect on what moments posted to your feed you would consider your TRUE best nine of 2017. Make a collage of THAT & tag it #mytrue2017bestnine + #craftyassfemale! 

EP. 04 // A + K talk about one little word®

According to Ali Edwards, the creator of the annual one little word® project, a single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow.

one little word // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


In this episode you'll hear Amanda + Kristin talk about their years of experience participating in Ali's one little word® project, and share what their words are for 2018.


2012 - MOVEMENT start + end reflection
2013 - MAKE start + end of year w/ it
2014 - WORK start + end reflection
2015 - PROOF start + end reflection
2016 - BIG start + end reflection
2017 - REFRESH start, documentation, status update
2018 - LIMITLESS (!!!) - listen for more + blog post


2013 - WRITE start
2014 - HEROINE start
2015 - HOME 
2016 - ME 
2017 - GREAT
2018 - CULTIVATE (!!!) - listen for more + blog post


Are you going to choose a guiding word to explore in 2018?! If so, SHARE IT in the comments below or on IG + hashtag it #craftyassfemale! BOOM, baby!

EP. 03 // the story of Kristin's creative journey

Episodes 2 + 3 of the podcast are meant to fill you in on the creative backstory of our hosts, Amanda + Kristin...to give you an idea of where they've come + where they hope to go. 

Kristin Tweedale creative story // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


In this episode, it's Kristin's turn to talk about her creative journey thus far. Kristin takes more of a categorical approach in conveying her story, labeling parts of her life such as scrapbooking, college, the internet, and her health story, that have had an important impact.

NOTE FROM KRISTIN: Hey, guys! I am so glad that you're here listening to this episode about my story. Thanks for giving me the space to feel open, honest, vulnerable, and authentic in front of you. Love you guys <3.


"You're not going to ARRIVE at a 'best version of yourself'. There is going to just continuously BE best versions of yourself...just like the iPhone."  - KRISTIN


We'd love to hear a bit about your creative journey thus far + the major check points of clarity that you've experienced. Can you relate to any parts of Kristin's journey? How has 'craftiness' shown itself in your life, or has it yet to?  Share in the comments section below! 

EP. 02 // the story of Amanda's creative journey

The next two episodes of the podcast are meant to fill you in on the creative backstories of our hosts, Amanda + Kristin, to get an idea of where they've come + where they hope to go. 

Amanda Rose Zampelli creative story // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


In this episode you'll hear Amanda's twisty-turny story about her creative journey thus far. She tells it linearly - relating how she was as a kid in elementary school, her experience as a classroom teacher, the career change she made into graphic design, and the first jobs she had in the craft & hobby industry.

NOTE FROM AMANDA: Hey, guys! This is a really long episode (as you can tell from the long list of show notes + references) but it's only because I wanted to fill you in on the important details + lessons I learned along the way, not just graze over them. I kept the rambling to a minimum, but even still: talking about myself for over an hour will never NOT be awkward, you know? Hopefully you'll discover some nuggets of wisdom in my story - especially if you can relate to (1) relying too much on authority, (2) having a hard time with college, (3) thinking of a career change, or (4) achieving thee big scary goal you set for yourself only to feel like 'this is it'? Been there. Done that. Hear about it all in this ep. We're all in this together!


"We’re just single people doing things + we don't have giant companies & tech people to edit + back-up + check every single thing to make sure we’re ‘launch ready’... WE'RE NOT NASA." - KRISTIN


We'd love to hear a bit about your creative journey thus far + the major check points of clarity that you've experienced. Can you relate to any parts of Amanda's journey? How has 'craftiness' shown itself in your life, or has it yet to?  Share in the comments section below! 

EP. 01 // Introduction to the podcast

Well, hello + welcome to the Crafty Ass Female podcast! We're so happy you're here + have decided to take a listen!

intro to podcast // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


In this 16-minute intro episode you'll hear Amanda + Kristin talk about how this podcast came to be, and what they hope comes of it.

They also share the inspiration behind the title + their thoughts on the booty-ful logo.


We have included a comments section below this episode so you can say 'hi' + introduce yourself to the Crafty Ass Female community. Suggestions for future episodes are also welcomed. // Thanks for tuning in!