EP. 48 // Scrapbooking Across the pond w/ JESS ROEBUCK

Today on the podcast we have our first overseas guest: Jess Roebuck. Jess is a single working mum to three-year-old Ben, living in England & working as a teaching assistant. She started scrapbooking using Project Life® in 2015 - when her son was born - despite believing herself to be purely academic + not at all creative.

Jess is on the Wild Hare Kit design team & mostly scrapbooks in a travelers notebook. She absolutely identifies as a ‘creative’ now, who loves taking photos, starting new projects, working on mini albums & telling her own stories.

We are happy she reached out to us looking to come on the show, since her interview is chock full of relatable goodness + is one of our new faves! BOOM!

EP. 48 // JESS ROEBUCK | Crafty Ass Female


Jess Roebuck, a listener of the podcast from the beginning, talks to A + K about how she just ‘went for it’ & reached out to us to be on the show, how she got into scrapbooking, and how she resourcefully figured out where to channel her professional energy.

The ladies touch on a fun variety of topics including UK vs. US maternity leave, what’s considered ‘dinner’ and ‘tea’ in England, tips for how to craft with glitter, the struggle to be a scrapbooker overseas, and memory keeping that you want to SCRAP vs. projects you want to SHARE.


Jess on memory keeping to tell HER story:

"…I started off just because I was having Ben and that’s when I started my first Project Life album…and then, I think it was towards the end of that year that I found ‘Listers Gotta List’…so I did a month of that in a little notebook that I got cheap from the local store that sells everything…and that was the first time that I was doing something that was like, ‘this is actually about me, and not about who I am as a mom’ and I did struggle quite a lot when I was on my own with Ben, when I became a single, stay-at-home mum, and I thought, ‘Wow, this is not where I expected myself to be when I was, you know, studying psychology or when I was training to be a teacher. I had always really valued the academic side of my identity, and to go from that…to being a stay-at-home mom on benefits…I felt like I had to justify myself to people…and so I think it was good for me to start to identify my own story and my own personality and my own experiences and document them…”


Where to find Jess //



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Jess’s LESS/MORE //

LESS: stress + creating content that she’s not interested in consuming
MORE: movement: to get out with Ben + drive more places

LESS judging, MORE encouraging.


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