EP. 53 // diving deeper into one little word®

It’s that time of year again, crafty ass females! Time to choose a guiding word for the upcoming new year based on some aspect of your existence you want to explore. It’s been a whole year since our first one little word® episode went live (our fourth episode of the whole podcast!) and in today’s show, we’re diving deeper! // Listen to Ali’s one little word® interview with us here.

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According to Ali Edwards, the creator of the annual one little word® project, a single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting, or rich and soft and slow.

In this episode you'll hear Amanda + Kristin talk about their experiences leading up to choosing their words for 2019. After ‘trying on’ many different words, Kristin recently woke up to her new one little word®. Amanda, on the other hand, has known her word for a while, and in explaining how + why - for the first time in the podcast’s history - sheds some tears. This episode reveals just how important this project is to us. xo


2012 - MOVEMENT start + end reflection
2013 - MAKE start + end of year w/ it
2014 - WORK start + end reflection
2015 - PROOF start + end reflection
2016 - BIG start + end reflection
2017 - REFRESH start, documentation, status update
2018 - LIMITLESS blog post
2019 - FOUND (listen for more)


2013 - WRITE start
2014 - HEROINE start
2015 - HOME 
2016 - ME 
2017 - GREAT
2018 - CULTIVATE blog post
2019 - PROJECT (listen for more)


How ‘bout you babes? Are you choosing a guiding word to explore in 2019?! If so, SHARE IT in our Discord, in the comments below or on IG + hashtag it #craftyassfemale! As always, thanks for listening, reading, and all your positive vibes + support. We love you.

EP. 46 // 'TIS THE SEASON of Ali Edwards

We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring back our very first guest interviewee, Ali Edwards, to the show today with this very special episode centered around the projects she hosts this time of year: December Daily® and One Little Word®. // Listen to Ali’s 1st interview with us here.

EP. 46 // ALI EDWARDS | Crafty Ass Female


Ali Edwards has returned & we couldn't be happier! This episode begins with Ali revealing the backstory + approach to her December Daily® project. Ali talks ‘foundations pages’ + album prep, and documenting travel during her December as a separate piece to incorporate in her album.

The ladies shift gears & chat about One Little Word®, how it’s a much ‘quieter’ project than December Daily®, and her new One Little Word® journal!


Ali on what December Daily® is really about :

"It’s kind of an attitude shift…

…one of the words that comes up a lot for me is kind of the MAGIC, right? …trying to identify, locate, and tell the story of ‘How does magic find its way into your season?’…even in very little things…

…again, the MAGIC for me- it really gets back to that. Even if I didn't have kids, it would still be, you know: How do you create magic for yourself? Where do you see magic happening in the world? Just the twinkle lights and the coziness…those are the things I want to bring into the stories that I’m telling. How can I PAY ATTENTION to those things? …which ALL of these projects are about: paying attention. That’s one of the core things for me, is like, encouraging people to pay. attention. to. their. life. …and make changes, if you want to…or not.”

Ali on ‘loosening up’ :

"One of the things that I’ve been thinking a lot about in general lately related to memory keeping is this idea of loosening up. …like ‘How can we get looser without feeling like we always have to have the exact same albums or the same sizes or the same…that everything needs to happen in the same way…?’ …and I like structure…but it gets back to people feeling the perfectionist thing, you know, that things need to be in this little row or I need to have exactly these products or I don’t have the same color white cardstock that I used yesterday, you know — all those kinds of things that become stopping points — rather than looking at everything as a tool and anything can go in there…the albums are just a container…it can hold all kinds of stuff in it…”

EP. 46 // Ali Edwards | Crafty Ass Female


Where to find Ali //



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Ali’s LESS/MORE //

LESS: stuff
MORE: yoga


(inspired by Kristin's CURRENTLY CARD)

WATCHING: CNN, Netflix’s Maniac, Sharp Objects
READING: The Story of a Happy Marriage, The New York Times
LISTENING TO: CNN, The Daily, Pantsuit Politics, Slow Burn
MAKING: December Daily® product play
FEELING: good overall, calm, drama-free
PLANNING: Story Camp & Prep Party for December Daily®
LOVING: Trader Joe’s sea salt chocolate-covered almonds


Head to our Patreon page to sign up for just $5 a month + hang out backstage with Amanda, Kristin, & Ali as they dive deep into friendship, being an introvert + how that plays in, making adult friends, & how much politics is too much politics. It’s SO GOOD! See you there!

EP. 24 // A + K interview Ali Edwards

In honor of National Scrapbook Day coming up this weekend, the ladies of Crafty Ass Female bring you our personal memory keeping hero, the goddess of scrapbooking: Ali Edwards. (!!!)

Ali's passion resides in that very special place where the stories and images of life intersect. Her work includes memory keeping product and project design, teaching, and blogging. Author of four books about memory keeping, Ali is well known for authentically capturing everyday life with photos and words and creating memory keeping projects from those moments that pass by in an instant. 

This episode kicks off our month of May of guest interviews with some of the craftiest ass females we know! YES!

24 ALI EDWARDS blog post.jpg


In this episode, Ali discusses details about how she got started in the paper crafting industry, the inspiration behind her new Story Planner line, and her Week in the Life™ project - taking place next week, starting Monday, May 7th through May 13th.

The ladies also chat about social media in their Patreon exclusive ‘After Chatter’ show, where you can sign up to watch a video of them three chat it up!

Week in the Life™ // 

ALI on Week in the Life™ :

"I am the main character in this story...it's all from my perspective. The other people around me are all these supporting characters..."


ALI on being resourceful:

"Quick decision making...has been good for me in lots of ways...most of the projects that I do, I finish them, and part of that is because I don't spend a lot of time hemming and hawing...I have come to the conclusion that it's going to be good enough. I think that that serves me really well in moving forward with the stories that I'm telling, and getting to tell lots of other stories because I'm not stuck back here trying to figure out...trying to choose which photo of the ten photos...one photo is going to go in there and it's going to be good." 

ALI on having seasons for her stories & creativity:

"There are times when I've got nothing! There's a whole lot of nothing coming out, and a whole lot of Netflix going in!"


You don't want to miss out on the AFTER-CHATTER SHOW for this episode! 

Head to our Patreon page to sign up and hang out backstage with the girls + Ali as they share their feelings about social media, and Ali relates it to business and her family. 


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