...aaannnddd we're still on break! We'll be back w/ Season 3 on Monday, September 24!

Hey, listeners, friends, and crafty ass females! Amanda here! Kristin + I are still on break, adjusting to the summer-into-fall transition, and gearing up for a powerhouse Season 3 of the podcast ...which will be returning w/ a brand new episode in two weeks on Monday, September 24th.

on break // season 3 in two weeks | Crafty Ass Female

The theme for this upcoming season is going to be Work Smarter, Not Harder and is an idea that a lot of our past 40 episodes have been leading up to.

Season 3 will be kicking off with a LESS/MORE episode of Kristin + I listing off what we want less of and more of in our lives. We are also planning for new guest interviews, a talk about December Daily, recapping our one little words for this year & more! 


In the meantime, we encourage you to listen to some of our favorite episodes from Seasons 1 & 2.

Kristin & I have chatted on many topics including:
      • the question What's my thing?                       • mental health & mental health again
      • crafter's block & creative ruts                         • social media HERE & NOW
      • overcoming comparison-itis                           • why we memory keep
      • making adult friends                                       • being resourceful in a sexist society


These themes have worked their way into the 'crafty' conversations we've had on the show with some of the most badass bunch of creative & resourceful women that we know - including Ali EdwardsBrandi KincaidNita Patterson, and Erica Canant.

Kristin & I are so proud that our podcast has grown in this way & are honored to bring you the wisdom, insight, and inspiration of these special guests. 

Click on any of the episode images to the right to be taken to the post where you can listen to the interview, get all the info on where to find our guest on the web, and follow along with the show notes! 


You can also check out the finale of what was a HELL of a Season 2: the LIVE recording of the podcast Kristin & I did while at her second annual Awesome Ladies Live Feminist Scrapbooking Retreat in her home town of East Lansing, Michigan. 

We discussed the theme of this year's retreat which was Self-Care Through Storytelling, and reflect on our previous 40 episodes (whoa!!!) + how it's been interesting to learn that not only do we need self-care, but we crafty ass females need each other for it. // It was a great way to sign off.

All the love & Thanks // 

Kristin + I have said it before, but we’ll say it again — YOU ARE OUR PEOPLE. This podcast excites us because we're hoping we can connect more through this vehicle, and use it to learn from each other. Kristin & I were very adamant from the beginning that we wanted this podcast to not only be show, but be a community so we could hear your feedback on the topics we present & your unique crafty ass female perspective. We hope you take advantage of this + run with it, and you can do so in a number of ways...


Thank you for visiting, listening, and all you've done so far to grow this platform. All the love from us to you crafty ass females out there! Keep rockin' it! xoxo