EP. 95 // REFLECTION - Welcome to Season 5!

WE WOULD SAY “We’re back!” BUT THIS SEASON’S CASE, WE NEVER LEFT! Picking up right where Season 4 left off, SEASON 5 is HERE and the theme for this season of Crafty Ass Female is REFLECTION - because you don’t release almost 100 episodes (WOW!) of a hit podcast, have THEE best conversations with some of THEE best people, and NOT have anything to reflect on along the way!

EP 95 SEAS 5 REFLECTION blog post - Crafty Ass Female.jpg


In this episode, A + K start off by talking about how having a forward momentum for the podcast happens when they choose a theme for each season, and Season 5’s theme is REFLECTION!

Kristin talks about how she reflects through what she watches on TV, her currently lists, and her #Thursday3 practice. Amanda brings up the need to check out and not have to intentionally reflect, but how she has this background hum of reflection always going on even still. What has been YOUR experience?


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