EP. 87 // Good Words w/ MEGAN DOWD

Today we have self-described compassionate hardass Megan Dowd on the podcast! Megan is a mentor to creative woman and non-binary entrepreneurs ready to be loud + candid about what matters most. She best known for turning bullsh*t into brilliance using narrative strategy and creative coaching.

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Megan Dowd starts off by telling A + K about where the ‘has good words’ part of her online identity derived from. They also dive right in to Megan’s morning pages & how daily lists can serve as a scrapbook in and of itself and show you your arc of personal growth.

The girls also discuss dressing for your day as a work from home creative entrepreneur, and Megan’s idea of conscious narrative - taking agency over the story your life writes. “My life tells a story,” Megan says, “…be conscious about it.” About humaning the best you can human.

The evolution of language was also a topic touched on in this episode, and Megan says we can’t use words just because they sounds ‘cute’ or ‘trendy’ when the meaning attached to them has evolved to something deeper.


(inspired by Kristin's CURRENTLY CARD)

WATCHING: Blown Away
READING: The Butchering Art
LISTENING TO: My Favorite Murder; Bastille’s new album
MAKING: a Squarespace website for a client
FEELING: hungry
where we’re going to eat in Portland
Portland; myself


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