EP. 82 // Launching Your Site w/ PROMISE TANGEMAN

Today we have Promise Tangeman - the CEO and Creative Director of GoLiveHQ, a team of Brand Strategists and Graphic and Web Designers who create and launch brands and websites for small businesses - on the podcast!

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Promise Tangeman and the girls talk about how many 'Promise’s they know and have met! They then go into her creative journey from double majoring in graphic design + fine arts and the days of branding out her & her freinds’ MySpace pages! Haa! Promise also talks about how the idea for GoLiveHQ came to be!

Also, this week is GoLiveHQ’s 4th of JULY Sale! Get 30% off Squarespace Website Templates Thursday 7/4/19 to Sunday 7/7/19. PLUS, you’ll get into GoLive’s FREE 5-day LAUNCH TOGETHER! workshop dedicated to helping you launch your site. YAY!


(inspired by Kristin's CURRENTLY CARD)

WATCHING: The Bacholrette
READING: The Power of Now
MAKING: a new GoLiveHQ mini workshop
FEELING: tired
PLANNING: our 4th of JULY Sale!
LOVING: her husband


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