EP. 81 // ON SURVIVAL...

HAPPY FIRST MONDAY OF SUMMER 2019! Amanda ‘survived’ her first year back to teaching and she + Kristin reflect on what it means to be in ‘survival mode’ and suggest that even when you are in that mode, good things can happen and you can be thriving. We’d love for you to have a listen!

wing mural by  Kelsey Montague  in Nashville, TN // #whatliftsyou

wing mural by Kelsey Montague in Nashville, TN // #whatliftsyou


In this episode, A + K dive into a word that’s been on Amanda’s mind lately as she’s nearing the end of this unexpected jolt back into teaching: SURVIVAL.

We survive hard things we don’t think we can. We survive loss and anxiety and chronic conditions and negative emotions and awkward situations and bad days and rejection and (the list goes on)...

The girls dive into the coexistence of pain + hard things alongside positivity + productivity. WE ARE NOT BEING FAIR TO OURSELVES when our responses to ‘hard things’ are negative ones.

The core idea of this episode: It’s fucking hard to be alive. How are YOU surviving it?!


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