EP. 76 // WOMANHOOD, man!

According to The Hill: On Wednesday, Governor Kay Ivey signed H.B. 314 — a near-total ban on abortion — into law. With her signature, Governor Ivey made Alabama the fifth state — after Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia and Ohio — to attempt to restrict abortion just this year.

ENTER: Ep. 76 of the podcast, and in light of the recent ruling, A + K felt the need to contribute to the conversation about womanhood and our female bodies and minds and how we can be resourceful considering where we are at as women in America.

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In this episode, A + K comment on the politics surrounding reproduction, and Kristin brings home the point that reproductive rights are complicated.

“My body, my body choice” is not just about abortion. We have a right to birth control. We have a right to a safe gynecologist. We have as right to vaccinations to treat an STD. This idea that people are just “pro-life” or “pro-choice” is nonsense because it is NEVER just that simple.

One in four women have had an elective abortion, and A + K share their personal stories.

It’s a great follow up to our physical health episode and is kind of a continuation of our feminism episode.


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