EP. 71 // Metalsmithing & Business w/ MEGAN AUMAN

We are so excited to bring you Megan Auman - designer, metalsmith, educator, and entrepreneur who has built a multi-faceted business around her passion for art and business - on the show today.

In addition to running her eponymous jewelry line, where she sells her work to stores across the US and online, she is the founder of Designing an MBA, which provides business thinking for artists and makers. Her latest projects are Artists & Profit Makers, an online community and mentorship program, and a new ebook, Try It and See: How to Get Sh*t Done While Overanalyzing Everything.  Megan lives and works in Jonestown, PA, a small town about 90 miles west of Philly.

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Megan Auman starts off by telling A + K her creative backstory and how she came into metalsmithing.

She talks about diving in head first exhibiting at her first trade show with no experience, with only two months to prepare for it, and repeating everything she heard in the next booth over. She says, “If you wait ‘till you’re ready, you’re never gonna be ready. Sometimes you have to jump in.”

Plus, Megan talks about the big ‘P’ WORD in running your own business: PRICING. She brings up the term 'artificial pricing’ for the first time on the podcast, and how ‘dream jobs’ are still JOBS and ‘work we love’ is still WORK!

Megan makes a case for what her jewelry has that big box stores don’t: a story, a REAL person behind it, and a connection. She finishes the conversation talking about the hashtag #endstudioshame, to end the anxiety + shame about how messy & un-Pinterest worthy the creative process in your physical space can get.


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WATCHING: Schitt’s Creek
READING: Digital Minimalism, Joyful
LISTENING TO: American Harry Potter audiobook
MAKING: the DeFeo necklace
FEELING: energized and happy and motivated
PLANNING: a new e-course about cohesive & full jewelry collections
LOVING: plants !!!


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