EP. 68 // GROWTH - Welcome to Season 4!

WE WOULD SAY “We’re back!” BUT IN THIS SEASON’S CASE, WE NEVER LEFT! Haa haa! But anyway…CHEERS! We’re TENURE AS A PODCAST! Season 4, let’s do this! The theme for this season of Crafty Ass Female is GROWTH - because you don’t release almost 70 episodes of a hit podcast, have THEEE best conversations with some of THEEE best people, and NOT pick up a few things along the way!

68 S4 GROWTH blog post.jpg


In this episode, A + K talk about about where they are at with their personal growth. Kristin has been navigating the hills & valleys of her physical health, being a person who is in chronic pain, and shares her thoughts about telling that party of her story.

Amanda attributes her growth thus far to a combination of the intentions she set at the start of Season 3 and what she decided on for her one little word this year. She talks to Kristin about what she’s doing to lay down a SOLID FOUNDATION at this point in her life and deal with all the background ‘stuff’ she’s been struggling with for years.


Towards the end of the episode, Kristin gives YOU listeners a way to grow by offering the opportunity to apply for the OPEN CALL w/ EMPOWER ARTS Magazine !!! // E-mail submissions to hello@empowerartmag.com.


Finally, because of this podcast’s growth since the release of episode 1, our Patreon - the hubbub of extra content - is also evolving! Listen as the girls fill you in on how it’s changing for our new season!


Head to our Patreon page to hear Kristin talk about what she’s growing in her garden this season, and what Amanda considers to be the theme song of her growth (hint: Alanis 4eva!) .