EP. 62 // Relationship 'Next Steps' Episode

This episode is the continuation of last week’s Break-Up Episode and addresses the topic of ‘NEXT STEPS’ in relationships. Both Amanda + Kristin are at very different points in their life with their personal relationship ‘next steps’ and it’s interesting to self-examine where you are & where solo-you or you-with-a-partner want to be.

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Amanda + Kristin talk about where each other are in their personal partner relationships. Kristin has been with Jeff for 10 years now, and Amanda just got out of a relationship + is newly single. A & K chat about the next steps they’ve been thinking of and all that’s swirled into this topic.

The girls discuss lessons learns, questions they have, and who has been influencing them on the internet.


“You are enough just because you ARE and find the seed of enough-ness in the other person. Give them the gift: YOU’RE ENOUGH TOO, and that’s where LOVE is. That is the seed of love: two people who know who they are in their GRAND SIMPLICITY, seeing each other beyond the labels, beyond the ego, just being enough with each other.”Elizabeth Lesser

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We’d love it if you listeners would continue the dialogue on this topic over on the Crafty Ass Female DISCORD channel. Break-ups, relationships, friendships - all of ‘em - are so stinkin’ hard and knowing + contemplating next steps is just another thing we women need to be resourceful about. Whether you need emotion al support or just a sounding board, we got you, girlfriend! Talk to you in the discord!



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