EP. 61 // The Break-Up Episode

It is the month of LOVE and we here at Crafty Ass Female thought we’d be a bit rebellious and chat on the topic of break-ups because —as you ladies probably already know — breaking up is hard to do! Amanda just went through (is still going through?) a major one, and Kristin’s had her fair share of them as well. We only scratched the surface with this episode, but scratched it has been, and we invite you to listen & share YOUR break-up stories.

EP 61 - The Break-Up episode // Crafty Ass Female


Amanda + Kristin talk about past break-ups and reflect on the term ambiguous loss when it comes to relationships. The girls also talk about healthy decision-making and how the people closest to you will have plenty to say (surprise, surprise).

Amanda relates how all she’s learned about her OCD makes her think it might have effected past relationships, and Kristin talks about how she feels she’s been in a break-up of sorts with her hometown in New Jersey.

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We’d love it if you listeners would continue the dialogue on this topic over on the Crafty Ass Female DISCORD channel. Break-ups are so stinkin’ hard and you don’t have to go at it alone. Whether you need emotion al support or just a sounding board, we got you, girlfriend!