EP. 60 // Working Smarter, Not Harder

…aaannnddd WE’RE BACK from our holiday hiatus with the second half of Season 3 and our 60th (!!!) episode. We titled this episode “WorkING Smarter, Not Harder” because the theme is no longer a concept we’re merely just discussing or brainstorming about; WE’RE LIVING IT the best we can, like, presently…right now.

EP 60 - Back w/ Season 3 Working Smarter, Not Harder // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


Amanda + Kristin talk about how they’ve been actualizing this season’s theme WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER, while sprinkling fun chit-chat back and forth about TV and TV Guide Christmas trees and other things on their mind. (Let’s keep it casual.)

A + K also talk about working smarter in terms of reorganizing your space, and shifting the way you react to the alarm signals your brain can send you.


In this episode, we also reveal our new book for the Crafty Ass Bookclub, which you can become a member of by signing up on OUR PATREON PAGE at the $5/month level! Look out for an upcoming giveaway of the book! Wooo!


Lastly…we’d love it if you took the time to leave a comment below or connect with us on Instagram letting us know how you’ve been liking or applying our season 3 theme WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER. Love you! Talk soon! xo