EP. 59 (FROM THE VAULT) // Comparison-itis

Hey, crafty ass females! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Today’s show is our fourth re-release from our episode archives that we are affectionately calling ‘FROM THE VAULT’. As we prepare for the second half of season 3 - we will be pulling some of our most relevant & favorite episodes from season 1 to share with you again. TODAY: a re-release of EP. 14 where Amanda + Kristin talk about the 'rut of the mind' called COMPARISON-ITIS. Enjoy, if you haven’t heard it yet.

above image credit:   Mari Andrew  |  @bymariandrew

above image credit: Mari Andrew | @bymariandrew

Do you got the 'ITIS'? ...you know...that monster inside your head that makes it reeeeaaallly hard NOT to compare yourself to other crafters, artists, and humans who you feel are just doing better than you are. There's a definite difference between feeling INSPIRED by who someone is + what they do, and catching the ITIS about it.


In this episode you'll hear Amanda + Kristin talk about the 'rut of the mind' called COMPARISON-ITIS.

They touch on a variety of topics including:
• looking 'behind the curtain' of Design Teams
• tapping into yourself for joy
• knowing + setting up boundaries
• unfollowing those that don't serve your emotions
• the pressure of 'timelines'
• having a growth mindset vs. stuck mindset
• meditation - different types + how they help


"When you feel like you are comparing your lows to someone else's highs, it's just not working for you...just don't..." -- KRISTIN


Is comparison-itis getting you down?! If so, SHARE your thoughts & how you're dealing with it.

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