EP. 56 (FROM THE VAULT) // 'best nine' on IG

Hey, crafty ass females! Happy New Year’s Eve! This post is our first re-release from our episode archives that we are affectionately calling ‘FROM THE VAULT’. Today and for the next few Mondays - as Amanda + Kristin are prepping for the second half of season 3 - we will be pulling some of our most relevant & favorite episodes from seasons 1 + 2 to share with you again. First up: a re-release of EP. 05 on the social media phenomenon known as BEST NINE. Enjoy, if you’ve never heard it before.

56 BEST NINE blog post.jpg

This will be the week you'll probably see all your Insta-buddies' #2018bestnine posts, if you haven't been seeing them already. We are only a day away from the new year (!!!), and everyone wants to know: what were my most-liked nine posts on Instagram this year?


In this episode Amanda + Kristin discuss the Instagram phenomenon referred to as 'best nine' + offer an alternative way to think about it. Also on their minds going into the new year is the toxicity of posturing - on the internet, in crafting, and in life.

NOTE FROM AMANDA: We express some strong opinions in this episode, but we hope you know it's just to make you think...to bring awareness to the weirdness that is wrapped up in using social media. Nothing more. The core message we hope comes through is this: YOUR VALUE IS INHERENT + not determined by the number of 'likes' or what a website calculates is important content. xoxo


We talked about a buttload of social media stuff in this episode, but toward the end we called you to action by posing the #2018bestnine VS. #mytrue2018bestnine challenge! 

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Search what your #2018bestnine are, and assess the images that appear. What did followers and viewers find most appealing from your feed? Then reflect on what moments posted to your feed you would consider your TRUE best nine of 2018. Make a collage of THAT & tag it #mytrue2018bestnine + #craftyassfemale!