EP. 53 // diving deeper into one little word®

It’s that time of year again, crafty ass females! Time to choose a guiding word for the upcoming new year based on some aspect of your existence you want to explore. It’s been a whole year since our first one little word® episode went live (our fourth episode of the whole podcast!) and in today’s show, we’re diving deeper! // Listen to Ali’s one little word® interview with us here.

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According to Ali Edwards, the creator of the annual one little word® project, a single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting, or rich and soft and slow.

In this episode you'll hear Amanda + Kristin talk about their experiences leading up to choosing their words for 2019. After ‘trying on’ many different words, Kristin recently woke up to her new one little word®. Amanda, on the other hand, has known her word for a while, and in explaining how + why - for the first time in the podcast’s history - sheds some tears. This episode reveals just how important this project is to us. xo


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How ‘bout you babes? Are you choosing a guiding word to explore in 2019?! If so, SHARE IT in our Discord, in the comments below or on IG + hashtag it #craftyassfemale! As always, thanks for listening, reading, and all your positive vibes + support. We love you.