EP. 47 // The Election Episode

On this Monday before Halloween, we decided to release this episode on the spookiest topic we could imagine: POLITICS…and voting…and the election. EEK!

Welcome to episode 47: The Election Episode, one which A + K think is super important in this day and age, as electing representatives to address our needs, issues, and values is yet another thing we women have to be resourceful about, and let’s be honest: is downright confusing!

This episode reveals how the relationship + conversation between informed women voters like Kristin, and uninformed women who want to be voters like Amanda, needs to develop + grow.

EP. 47 // The Election Episode | Crafty Ass Female


In this episode, Amanda + Kristin host a research-based, non-partisan episode on participating in elections, voting, and all that important good stuff that can feel really scary + intimidating to us crafty ass females who are usually juggling hundreds of other things.

Kristin gives us a really practical, undramatic way to think about it all, and how she puts it is such an amazing takeaway!

Questions that were answered were:

1) Where & how can I register to vote?

2) Who am I voting for on November 6th? If it’s not the presidential election, why is it important to vote?

3) How can I know if the sources & information is reliable? Where’s the best place to go to get informed?

4) Is it bad to “trust your gut” when it comes to voting?

5) What happens if you don’t like ANY candidate running? 


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