EP. 36 // Paper-crafting #realtalk w/ France Wisniewski

Crafty Ass Female's 'Summer of Special Guests' is moving right along - and will be continuing through the end of August. It is our second series of amazing, inspiring interviews with a badass bunch of creative & resourceful women that Amanda + Kristin are thrilled to be able to share with you every Monday.

Today we're bringing you the smooth-sounds (her voice is so soothing) of France Wisniewski, the paper-obsessed graphic designer & owner/creator of Bananafishstudio. She specializes in creating modern paper/digital elements as well as rubber and photopolymer stamps inspired by her love of memory keeping, paper-crafting, and simple straight-forward design.

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In this episode, France GETS REAL! She talks about how she got started in graphic design, and how she's been a part of the memory keeping community since the late 90s, but did not put her creativity out there right away. The girls then fast forward to present day and talk about Traveler's Notebooks & designing for the industry in 2018. 

France also brings up how modern day society is a 'quick dismissal' society, and doesn't give artists enough credit or time or money to evolve their art. 

She also gives us crafty ass females a unique perspective on the realities of Design Teams and what's going on when you're on them. Oh yeah. We go there. 


France on her chosen medium for memory keeping at any given time :

"We're so focused on 'rules' so to speak, that we don't blaze our own trail."
"There's no ONE WAY to scrapbook. There's no one-size-fits-all. I have made layouts, I have made minibooks, I have done all kinds of things...and I don't put any limits on myself. Right now I'm doing notebooks, I don't know if I'll do notebooks forever, but any way that I feel motivated to continue documenting my memories in this way is what I will do." 

France on society not having faith in it's creative people & not giving art enough time:

"I feel like we've become a society where we're so quick to shut down everything, to hate on everything the minute we hear it, the minute we come across it. Just give it some time. I feel like there's never any time to just let things percolate...we need more time...I feel like we never have any time..."
"We have less respect for creative people in this society...because there was time when someone would put out a movie, they would do it the way they wanted to do it, like Citizen Kane...the fact of the matter is sometimes you need to let artists DO THEIR ART. Put it out into the world. Don't try to push it down, don't try to force them into changing it...show that you have some faith in your creative people." 
"I feel like over and over again business and corporations are basically saying 'We have no faith in you...we don't believe in you, if what you do does not immediately gain traction, then you're not good at what you do.' ...it's expecting too much of creative people. It's expecting us to be magicians...it's turning future generations off of creative jobs in particular." 


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