EP. 35 // Creating True Success w/ Jaclyn Carter

Crafty Ass Female's 'Summer of Special Guests' is underway : our second series of amazing, inspiring interviews with a badass bunch of creative & resourceful women that Amanda + Kristin are thrilled to be able to share with you!

Today we're talking to Jaclyn Carter, an entrepreneur, teacher, and mom to two little ones, who runs a company & lifestyle blog called Love Jac that helps you create, share, and connect through art. Jaclyn has expanded Love Jac in recent years to go beyond selling greeting cards. Jaclyn hosts adult craft classes in person and online, and teaches a kids' art class called “Artists & Crafts” where she introduces toddlers to famous artists and encourages the children to create their own age-appropriate masterpieces.

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In this episode, Jaclyn dives right into how her successful toddler art class ART(ists) & CRAFTS organically came to be + grow into what it is today. Five years in the making, she talks about the challenges at the beginning, how transitioned it from a side-hustle to her main source of income, and how she arrived at these key words for her business: CREATE. SHARE. CONNECT. 

Jaclyn also talks about how she doubled her income without even realizing it, and her NEXT BIG IDEA for an adult craft class!  

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Jackie provided the code CRAFTYAF (which is hilarious 'cause it can also mean crafty AS FUCK) for all our listeners. That can get them 10% OFF all purchases both on lovejac.com and on her scrapbook class Best Summer Yet (see below)!

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Jaclyn on recognizing what's working & letting go of the original plan :

"I've just been keeping going and seeing what works and you know, NOW I'm looking at it as what can make me money... l LOVE this creative job that I've created an I KNOW it can make me money if I put on the business woman hat instead of just giving it all away...

...I don't feel like I failed [the original plan of selling greeting cards] but what works is what you put your energy & effort into, and if I'm not putting my energy & effort into the greeting cards, it's not going to be as successful."

Jaclyn on true success & looking at your ACTUAL LIFE:

"My other light bulb moment too in this whole process was: when I entered that competition I was like, 'I'm going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD of stationery!" ...like literally nothing else except taking over the world stationery-wise was going to be success... you have to be HALLMARK... and then NOW, living my life and going day by day, you realize 'if I teach this class to 24 kids every year, that's AWESOME. Those 24 kids' lives have been better. Their nannies' lives, their parents' lives... I have made an impact and it's succeed.' I could do that with a scrapbooking class and have succeed. Instead of thinking 'I have to be the next Ali Edwards."

Jaclyn & Amanda @ NSS back in May


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