EP. 30 // social media here & now

FOLLOW LIKE COMMENT. FOLLOW LIKE COMMENT. FOLLOW LIKE COMMENT. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT. It seems like communicating and functioning in the middle of 2018 means taking it day by day, post by post, picture by picture, caption by caption, hashtag by hashtag (you get the point)... 

A + K felt the need for an episode solely on social media since the topic has popped up in so many of our previous 29 shows from one angle or another, and since we as women need to become more aware of its pervasive nature so we can better protect ourselves while still utilizing it to keep connected with our friends and support our creative endeavors.

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Amanda + Kristin start the conversation talking about PROTECTION, and then ease into discussing 'big business' on the Internet using YOUR data for THEIR bottom line.  

In the second half of the episode, A + K address the more indirect danger of the pervasiveness of the social media culture we now live in: the mental + emotional toll that it has. The girls also discuss the 'antidote' & what we could do as resourceful women to navigate through the 'mess'.

This episode contains a lot of the ins + outs behind the functioning of major social networks, and touches upon some major points that will come again in next week's culturally important episode. 


"...I think of Instagram as this fun little space to share my stuff, to get content out there that I would love to be shared 100 times, never post anything that would make me feel...exposed, but at the same time you DO want to be vulnerable and real and authentic, so there's THAT battle...BUT then when you think of Instagram as this fun place to share and ONLY that, you're not also realizing that it's now 'the land of brands', the 'epicenter of advertisements', the 'posturing capital of the world'...the fact that it could labeled as those three things as well...you HAVE to be aware of that!" - Amanda
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will.i.am on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday
The Social Network
California's Revenge Porn Law
• EU's new privacy law: the GDPR
posturing definition 
Mark Zukerberg's booster seat
Inventing Joy by Joy Mangano
Dunkin Donuts
being an empath
our AFTER-CHATTER on Patreon
difference between a product & a brand
Austin Kleon's flow & stock
Amanda's 100 Haikus
• Amanda's 'losing followers' poem
Anthony Bourdain + Kate Spade
• Nita (@neatlyplanned)
• Jen Gotch on mental illness HERE | HERE | HERE
"You can be sad and be inspirational too."
The Awesome Ladies Project
the new Instagram algorithm
Awesome Ladies LIVE
• Kristin's book: '100 Days of All About Me'
The Sarah R. Bagley podcast
Michele Cushatt's  'I AM' podcast


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