EP. 29 // GOALS for 2018 : MID-YEAR CHECK-IN

A + K are checking-in MID-YEAR ('cause WHOA: it's June already) with the goals they set at the start of 2018 & talked about back in EP. 06 of the podcast - what's worked, what hasn't worked... Let's jump right into it!

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Amanda + Kristin discuss how the purpose of a mid-year check-in isn't to measure how successful or unsuccessful you've been at achieving your goals, but rather to assess WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED SO FAR  & how best to move forward. 

A + K also talk about using a support system when it comes to achieving big goals & bouncing your status off another creative friend that could help you progress in a new way!    


"Have an ACCOUNTABILI-BUDDY!" - Kristin

ACCOUNTABILI-BUDDY (uh-count-uh-bill-uh-bud-dee) - noun - a friendly person in your life that can help you achieve goals


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