EP. 27 // Planning, Family, Church, + Writing w/ Erica Canant

Let's keep the inspirational convos going, shall we?! We are thrilled to share the love & light of Amanda's really good friend, bae, boo, wittle deer, sister for another mister, bestie from Texie, Erica Canant, with ya'll today! (...who just had a birthday this past weekend! Happy Birthday!)

She is a mom of three, wife to Phil, writer, creative, #plannerbabe, Happy Planner® Design Team member, child of God, group leader, Crafty Ass Female to the MAX, super-force + modern woman in the world today, who loves lettering, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, face filters, lip-synching in the car with the kiddos, etc. She's all around awesome, with so much grace + wisdom to share!

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In this episode, Erica talks about choosing her 'YES's more wisely, making it a priority to be a good friend, the small group she + her husband lead in their home, & how God has revealed Himself to her through suffering.

The ladies also chat about the BOOK (!!!) Erica's in the process of writing, how she overcame the anxiety & was able to start, her break into the planning community, and quality over quantity on her personal social media channels! 


Erica's modern take on Church teachings:

"...when I'm unpacking the Bible, one thing that I want it to speak to is to women who DON'T know the Bible, is to women who DON'T believe in God, and they can be like, 'Whoa, THAT'S IN THERE?! Whoa, it talks about THAT?! Whoa, I totally relate to that! ...and I just had no idea because growing up I never heard the Bible taught in that way..." ...so I'm very passionate about...telling stories in the scripture about women because women are a vital, crucial, heart of the Bible..." 
KAM ,  KRISTIN ,  MEGAN , &  AMY  planning   Awesome Ladies Live  2017  

Erica on comparison in the planner community:

"Man, I don't have, you know, 10,000 followers or 24,000 followers...when y'all chose me to be on the Design Team, I was like, 'WHY?!'...I do that comparison game...just getting over myself, getting over those things that I put in my head, or what others think about me. I think it's really easy in this community to care a little bit too much about what other people are thinking or saying..." 

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