EP. 25 // Crafting + Kids w/ Megan Anderson

The best part about our month of May of guest interviews with some of the craftiest ass females we know is how wonderfully, wildly different lives all of us ladies lead, yet how interconnected EVEN STILL we truly are. 

We are honored to have Kristin's soul-lady + BFF, Megan Anderson, the creative behind The Nerd Nest, wife, mom & caretaker to many children of various ages, and memory keeper extraordinare on the podcast today to share what she knows about crafting + kids.

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In this episode, Megan discusses the different types of crafts she does with her kids, & how memory keeping plans changed during the fostering of her now-adopted daughter.

The ladies also chat about scrapbook albums Megan makes for herself + how mental health finds its way into our creative journeys in their Patreon exclusive ‘After Chatter’ show, where you can sign up to watch a video of them three chat it up!


Megan on being resourceful:

"...a lot of it is learning how to do things myself...I have to be really flexible with my time & try to figure out how to fit craftiness in & how to fit my own personal time in with my life with my kids ...I have to adapt to some difficult life curveballs..." 

Megan on being a mom in 2018:

"There's no rule book for being a parent of children in the age of the internet." 

Awesome Ladies Live // 

This event is a crafty weekend retreat hosted by Kristin and will be happening this year from August 17-19th in East Lansing, MI. Tickets are now available! Kristin + Amanda + Megan will all be there!


You don't want to miss out on the AFTER-CHATTER SHOW for this episode! // Head to our Patreon page to sign up and hang out backstage with the girls + Megan and get real about crafting with kids in your physical space and how mental health creeps its way into our creative journeys, especially during PMS. 


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