EP. 24 // A + K interview Ali Edwards

In honor of National Scrapbook Day coming up this weekend, the ladies of Crafty Ass Female bring you our personal memory keeping hero, the goddess of scrapbooking: Ali Edwards. (!!!)

Ali's passion resides in that very special place where the stories and images of life intersect. Her work includes memory keeping product and project design, teaching, and blogging. Author of four books about memory keeping, Ali is well known for authentically capturing everyday life with photos and words and creating memory keeping projects from those moments that pass by in an instant. 

This episode kicks off our month of May of guest interviews with some of the craftiest ass females we know! YES!

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In this episode, Ali discusses details about how she got started in the paper crafting industry, the inspiration behind her new Story Planner line, and her Week in the Life™ project - taking place next week, starting Monday, May 7th through May 13th.

The ladies also chat about social media in their Patreon exclusive ‘After Chatter’ show, where you can sign up to watch a video of them three chat it up!

Week in the Life™ // 

ALI on Week in the Life™ :

"I am the main character in this story...it's all from my perspective. The other people around me are all these supporting characters..."


ALI on being resourceful:

"Quick decision making...has been good for me in lots of ways...most of the projects that I do, I finish them, and part of that is because I don't spend a lot of time hemming and hawing...I have come to the conclusion that it's going to be good enough. I think that that serves me really well in moving forward with the stories that I'm telling, and getting to tell lots of other stories because I'm not stuck back here trying to figure out...trying to choose which photo of the ten photos...one photo is going to go in there and it's going to be good." 

ALI on having seasons for her stories & creativity:

"There are times when I've got nothing! There's a whole lot of nothing coming out, and a whole lot of Netflix going in!"


You don't want to miss out on the AFTER-CHATTER SHOW for this episode! 

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