EP. 12 // Galentine's Day + making adult friends

Ovaries before Brovaries! Uteruses before Dude-eruses! The spirit of Galentine's Day is alive on this podcast everyday since we love to celebrate you ladies, but today dives in to the specifics of the holiday + talks FRIENDSHIP. 

EP 12 - Galentine's Day

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Amanda's audio is a bit choppy in this episode + we apologize for any annoyance or inconvenience it might cause in your listening. We figured out what the problem was, and in future episodes, it is fixed. We appreciate your understanding on this matter. Thanks, babes!


Amanda + Kristin quote Leslie Knope, talk about friendships, the role social media plays, and why it's hard to make adult friends nowadays. A lot of things come into play.


We're introverts! - Being around people IRL drains us! Nowadays the Internet allows us to make friends without the eye-contact and other cultural cues needed, that our brains are no longer wired for face-to-face interactions anymore.

• You visit adultfriendfinder.com + think it's an easy place on the internet to make life-long friends. Nope! (Meetup.com is better.)

• We get older + wiser, and no longer want to associate with people who partake in unnecessary drama or make us feel anything but energized.

We're all freakishly busy! Adulting is hard + expensive, & we as women CAN DO ANYTHING, but we're often pigeonholed in our lives into doing EVERYTHING! (Where do friends come in?)


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