EP. 11 // 30 Days of Lists + low impact projects

#ListersGonnaList because DUH! we crafty ass females have a bunch of things to get done and we need to get them done efficiently! But what if the idea of lists could be reframed in our heads and thought of as creative exercise? ...a very low-impact, manageable way to get crafty? A + K say YES, PLEASE!

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that Amanda's audio is a bit choppy in this episode + we apologize for any annoyance or inconvenience it might cause in your listening. Let's use this as a friendly reminder that we have no big company backing, no fancy equipment, no specialized team of talent & we're learning as we go. We will adjust + make improvements as time goes on, & appreciate your understanding on this matter. Thanks, babes!


Amanda + Kristin talk about the creative listing challenge entitled 30 Days of Lists. They touch on prepping your #30lists album, how the challenge works, how they've participated in the past, and the benefits of these type of low-impact projects with an established community backing.


"The initial low-impact exercise of just grouping these images ends up - when you reflect and look at them - giving you clues into things you didn't even realize 'cause they're all subconscious. In the choosing and the writing of the list or the choosing of the images, things are happening and themes from your life are popping up that maybe you wouldn't have seen just when you're trying to think about them. The act of making the list or picking the images is what ends up fleshing out the themes...doing the work..." -- Amanda



Have you ever used a list in a creative way? If so, link to your creations in the comments! Will you be participating in 30 Days of Lists next month, and if so - will it be your first time, or have you participated in the past? Tell us! Tell us! 

ALSO: We're all in this together! We want to tackle the topics YOU want to hear about, and are opened to any suggestions + heartfelt feedback. You can leave them in the comments below or contact Amanda or Kristin with your thoughts. Thanks! xoxo