EP. 10 // Why We Scrapbook

Paper + memories. Memories + paper. A + K  have a deep love & affinity for both, and chances are you crafty ass females visiting this space today do too. Let's discuss!  // (NOTE: the pages below were completed in the Awesome Ladies Project Story Journal.)

10 why we scrapbook blog post 02.jpg


Amanda + Kristin explore why we as crafty ass females scrapbook / document / memory keep our life. They talk about how their memory keeping has evolved, and discuss documenting hard things.

A + K also explain that although they are ALL ABOUT paper + memories, you won't find them spending every waking moment posing + taking pictures for 'the scrapbook.' Life events are meant to be lived. The 'art' part comes later.


"Taking a picture is a two-dimensional thing...a picture is a two-dimensional object...and sometimes you just really need to live in a three-dimensional world." -- Kristin


We would love to hear why you memory keep!  What are your reasons? How long have you scrapbooked? What started you scrapbooking? What has made you stay? If you left, what brought you back to it!

ALSO: We're all in this together! We want to tackle the topics YOU want to hear about, and are opened to any suggestions + heartfelt feedback. You can leave them in the comments below or contact Amanda or Kristin with your thoughts. Thanks! xoxo