EP. 03 // the story of Kristin's creative journey

Episodes 2 + 3 of the podcast are meant to fill you in on the creative backstory of our hosts, Amanda + Kristin...to give you an idea of where they've come + where they hope to go. 

Kristin Tweedale creative story // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


In this episode, it's Kristin's turn to talk about her creative journey thus far. Kristin takes more of a categorical approach in conveying her story, labeling parts of her life such as scrapbooking, college, the internet, and her health story, that have had an important impact.

NOTE FROM KRISTIN: Hey, guys! I am so glad that you're here listening to this episode about my story. Thanks for giving me the space to feel open, honest, vulnerable, and authentic in front of you. Love you guys <3.


"You're not going to ARRIVE at a 'best version of yourself'. There is going to just continuously BE best versions of yourself...just like the iPhone."  - KRISTIN


We'd love to hear a bit about your creative journey thus far + the major check points of clarity that you've experienced. Can you relate to any parts of Kristin's journey? How has 'craftiness' shown itself in your life, or has it yet to?  Share in the comments section below!