EP. 02 // the story of Amanda's creative journey

The next two episodes of the podcast are meant to fill you in on the creative backstories of our hosts, Amanda + Kristin, to get an idea of where they've come + where they hope to go. 

Amanda Rose Zampelli creative story // Crafty Ass Female.jpg


In this episode you'll hear Amanda's twisty-turny story about her creative journey thus far. She tells it linearly - relating how she was as a kid in elementary school, her experience as a classroom teacher, the career change she made into graphic design, and the first jobs she had in the craft & hobby industry.

NOTE FROM AMANDA: Hey, guys! This is a really long episode (as you can tell from the long list of show notes + references) but it's only because I wanted to fill you in on the important details + lessons I learned along the way, not just graze over them. I kept the rambling to a minimum, but even still: talking about myself for over an hour will never NOT be awkward, you know? Hopefully you'll discover some nuggets of wisdom in my story - especially if you can relate to (1) relying too much on authority, (2) having a hard time with college, (3) thinking of a career change, or (4) achieving thee big scary goal you set for yourself only to feel like 'this is it'? Been there. Done that. Hear about it all in this ep. We're all in this together!


"We’re just single people doing things + we don't have giant companies & tech people to edit + back-up + check every single thing to make sure we’re ‘launch ready’... WE'RE NOT NASA." - KRISTIN


We'd love to hear a bit about your creative journey thus far + the major check points of clarity that you've experienced. Can you relate to any parts of Amanda's journey? How has 'craftiness' shown itself in your life, or has it yet to?  Share in the comments section below!